Daguerreotypes idiosyncratic thump and boom draws from the past 4 decades of rock & roll and a collective obsession with it's forgotten corners: Krautrock, Canterbury psychedelia, and swarms of other shared influences. Galvanized by singer John Fitzsimmons' lopsided yowl. They are a Seattle fixture.


Seattle's Daguerreotypes formed in September 2004 following a series of informal jams. "At that time I didn't even realize I was in a band," says guitarist Ethan Brown, "I was mainly there because I enjoyed Johnny's [Fitzsimmons] shenanigans and the invaluable experience of all the new music he exposed me to." "This may sound creepy," adds Fitzsimmons, "but I'd literally had my eye on Ethan for quite some time at our mutual workplace. I was monitoring the security surveillance cameras at the Experience Music Project, pan tilt zoom, and he was working in the retail store. Ethan's face would pop up on our system every time he swiped his badge on a card reader, so I could tell where he was at all times. I had a sense about him before we ever even met."

Shortly thereafter, the duo were joined by bassist David Doyle and two former art students, guitarist Jeff Anderson and drummer Misha Burst. "Jeff and I had a mutual interest in Art," says Burst, "and one night a conversation we were having about his sculptural work and my video and sound installations turned into an invitation to play with the band in preparation for our first show". After their premiere, a drag burlesque night at the Vogue, they started gigging around Seattle and played many a show at the beloved, now-defunct Crocodile Cafe. The quintet recorded their debut, Hold the Phone, in November of 2005. Doyle left the band, and the current lineup was cemented with the additions of keyboardist Molly Kastner and bassist/engineer Andy Meyer. "I joined the band in September of 2007, "says Kastner, "Jeff asked me to join after seeing me play keys in BBQ-summer-fun CCR cover band called Revival Revival."

Meyer's arrival (and his experience as a recording engineer) was the impetus for Tropical Trust. "We started recording, "says Meyer, "on the main floor of the Branchwater Conservatory, our basement studio. I remember that weekend being mildly stressful. The control room was damp and musty, and a few days earlier I'd discovered a dead squirrel wrapped in a sweatshirt. The cops shut us down, technical issues arose, and John quit smoking... After the arrival of the police, it was clear that we needed to move the operation into the basement." "The Branchwater studio," adds Brown "was a dank and humid cave with webs of cables, walls of amps, bridges of keyboards and the distinct feeling of eternity."

The band chose its name from a collection of Daguerreotypes that belonged to Fitzsimmons grandfather. "They had always sparked wonderment from my childhood imagination," he says, "specifically one of a man and his apparently newlywed wife riding donkey's in a desert. The more I learned about this early time-and heat-sensitive photographic process and its historical significance, the more my interest titrated. We are interested in any feelings, especially humorous ones, which might go along with being on your deathbed... things you would most want to capture in that moribund state, things that would make you feel okay about moving on. That was one of the chief functions of daguerreotypists originally. I don't think I would ever want anyone to get the feeling that we were about anything but love and good grief."

-Auger Down Records



Written By: John Fitzsimmons of the Daguerreotypes

"You knocked me with apocalyptic fervor
Behind the garden supply store
A tree fell on our house
A broom fell on the mouse."


Written By: John Fitzsimmons of the Daguerreotypes

My hands are empty

No water left to hold

Cul-de-sac Creek

Broken from the mold


Your skin cracked like a desert floor

I tried to be your healing salve

Until you twisted open your disposal valve

Twig snap ocean floor

I amble jelly-limbed

Arriving nigh shore

Die insofar as I'm not alive

And runnzing out of pain...


One last flash from your gelid eyes

Scours me sterilized

Combing debris, wizened

Ooh Valentina

Our history scattered bout the town

Like the flotsam of an evaporated ocean


Locate a channel

Float us back to an espirit de corps

Heretofore we've always been at war

Ooooh Valentina

Graduate from complacency

And find that panoramic vacancy...


Tropical Trust

Hold the Phone...Its Daguerreotypes!

Streaming audio available at Auger Down Records - www.augerdownrecords.com

Set List

1. Dark Fence (3:38)
2. Continental (3:31)
3. Aggravated Myth (4:24)
4. Telegram To Tegucigalpa (2:53)
5. Bridge of Daggers (4:22)
6. Valentina (4:10)
7. Bloody Bride (3:50)
8. Fictional Average (4:15)
9. Vestibule (4:45)

Set list usually runs about 35 minutes.