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DAHAND$UM$ is the flagship artist for Liquid paper records.They also hold the position of President and Vice president of Liquid paper records and Da handsums wear.
Dahand$um$ were born and raised in Brooklyn Newyork,where they became accustomed to the street life at a very young age.As they got deep into the streets they realized within them the potential to manifest greater fufillment in every area of their lives. The love of music was the only thing that stood a chance of them gaining a greater understanding of their unique talents.
Dahand$um$ have been making music since they were in elementary school,before making albums they were signed to Stone Production which was distributed by Geffen records.Stone production was once a known entity in the Chicago music scene making top 10 hits for Joe,Avant,etc.But when the Production company lacked strength protection,and direction,Dahand$um$ put their passion of music on hold and went on a paper chase grind that helped them to rediscover the wonder, the awe and the power available in their lives.That's where the inspiration for their name came from,They were the go to guys when there was a shipment to be made across the border."We were always classy with the the way we dressed and talked ,we had the attitude of the city but established rapport with southerners and the west coasters because of our frequent trips there"Dahand$um$. Dahand$um$ passion for music inspires creativity and insight, a direct link between art and life. "When one door closes another one opens ,we have been blessed to have traveled all over Africa,Asia,Europe, you name it,we’ve probably been there” all because our job took us there .says Gambell the beatsmith of the group.Their debut album "CLASSY" is a perfect example of who they are and where they have been. The album Fires the imagination by taking the long lost processes of lyricism out of the realm of the supernatural and places them in the domain of natural knowledge."This album's creativity was nurtured and respected,it was not forced ,it was an extension of our souls's need to express itself with landmarks of achievent in sight." says Dahand$um$.
Da hand$um$ currently live in Indiana where they are working on their second Lp' "Inventors of Beebop Rap"and performing live on a nightly basis.Before leaving NY they developed quite a following , this is also beoming the case in the midwest .Over the years they have perfected there stage presence and has performed alongside music's most respected artists.Dahand$um$ live performance at the Vogue night club was aired for a month on Imc ,a local hiphop show which is on comcast cable channel 99 in Indianapolis In. Dahand$um$ has also performed at the Circle city classic and the Black expo in Indianapolis, In.They also have various songs placed on Mix-cd's.They are focused and determined on making a Phenomenal impact on the music industry with their classic touch and business acumen.Furthermore they have this to say"We are not coming into this industry to just make music ,but to make music that will affect everybody whether they realize it or not.We want to be remembered as visionaries, Renaissance,Entrepreneurs,and Businessmen.
You can count on Dahand$um$ having longevity .
Handsome is as Dahand$um$ does.



Set List

Typically, the sets are 45 minutes long. Up to four sets have been performed at some gigs. The band gigs usually include some extended hiphop jamming. Most of the songs are around 3 - 5 minutes long and are often accompanied by short but insightful and often hilarious introductions.

Original song titles include:

-MONEY 3:10