Dahga Bloom

Dahga Bloom

 Fullerton, California, USA

"Imagine a David Lynch movie based in Romania. Got it? Now imagine that the movie is about a village full of vampires who must leave their settlement once a year and head into a major city to feed. Got it? That's what this band sounds like."

-Jungle Rot


Dahga Bloom is a six piece psych kraut rock band from Fullerton, CA. Consisting of keys, two guitars, mandolin, violin, bass, drums and percussion. They played their first show as Dahga Bloom with The Growlers and followed was their album release on July 31st with Free the Robots, Crystal Antlers, The Growlers, Cosmonauts, Lumerians and My Pet Saddle.

Influences include Can, The Monks and Silver Apples among others.


"Dahga Bloom" 12" Vinyl

1. Hold My Head
2. Black Lung
3. Dahga Bloom
4. MIA
5. Bemsha Swing
6. Golden Sky
7. Fallin
8. Little Reign