Dahlgren Prophecy

Dahlgren Prophecy


Dahlgren Prophecy is a band that delivers a heavy grinding sound that is technical yet doesn't escape the ear of the average music listener. One part old school thrash, one part death metal, one part progressive metal, with hardcore breakdowns


Dahlgren Prophecy started out in May of 2005 as a side project for a couple of good friends that had been trading riffs over the years. Bingo and Erik had been playing together on and off for about 13 years and jamming together again felt like a pair of comfortable shoes. The stakes were higher this time though, they wanted to push themselves harder, faster, and more technically. So they called up former Reflux/PSI/Horror of Horrors bassist Buddy Buell and now former vocalist Tommy Mott to fill out the line up. After several months of practice as a side project, they started taking the project more seriously. After the sudden departure of vocalist Tommy Mott due to a job offer, they combed the scene for a singer to fill his shoes. They then replaced him with former Origin Unknown vocalist Jon Cooper. Jon helped they band further thier vision by bringing his own writing prowess to the band. After bringing Jon on board they also enlisted former Origin Unknown guitarist Charlie Johnson to fill in the sound with some leads.


Dahlgren Prophecy-6-Song demo

"Gnarlativity" out March 2007

"Slaughter The Sperm Whale's tales" out Fall 2007

We currently have songs under review at Garageband.

Set List

Our typical set list is about 40 minutes long, we can play about 10 minutes longer if needed. We play such songs as the Garageband.com Track Of The Day Winners "Rejection Stench", "Beautiful Whore" and "My Blood Your Sweet Sweat". In addition we also include the following songs:

"Caught in the Death Roll of a D.C. Alligator"
"Geriactric Joyride"
"Slaughter The Sperm Whale"
"The Bi&*h Won't Die"
"Beltway Renegade"
"Sweat Soaked Trigger Finger(Zombie Apocolypse)"
"The Jackyl and The Sheep"