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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



M.E.S.S.I.A.H. got that heat don't sleep this is coming from a Tech.nition and we pick hits!!! - DJ Marc X UNEEX


R-SIN: "The Offering" (Available Now)

M.E.S.S.I.A.H.: "The Coming" (Available Fall 03)
"How It Should Have Went" Vol: 1 (Available Now)

Da Hoodfellaz: " How It Should Have Went" Vol 2 (Available Now)


Feeling a bit camera shy


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After less than one week on garageband.com the Da Hoodfellaz was nominated for track of the day on March 15 2004 for their song "Leave Me Alone"



(Microphone Engineer Specifically Skilled In Assassinating Haterz) was born on Feb 7th in the late 70’s as hip-hop music had just began to form. During his early childhood he split time between Washington D.C.’s Southeast Side (his mother’s hometown) and the Southwest portion of Virginia (his father’s hometown). By his late childhood M.E.S.S.I.A.H. and his mother had set up permanent shop in Virginia though he would continue to return to Washington D.C. during the summers to visit other members of his family. While in Virginia at the age of eleven or twelve M.E.S.S.I.A.H. began to embrace the art form of hip-hop that was beginning to peak in major cities on the east coast and throughout the country. At the age of twelve he began to write his own rhymes and briefly formed a group called 2YN with a childhood friend. The two would spend the next three years sharpening their skills through battle raps, freestyles and homemade tapes. By the age of sixteen M.E.S.S.I.A.H. began to be known within his peer group as one of the top M.C.’s. He then would spend the next three years as part of the Southwest Sector Crew and appeared on a countless number of tapes made by the group of M.C.’s During this time M.E.S.S.I.A.H. would witness his first partner in rhyme and childhood friend be arrested and charged for selling drugs. His friend going off to prison left an impression on him so after graduating high school M.E.S.S.I.A.H. left and ended up in Florida attending job training. There he would link up with another young M.C. from Philadelphia name Mental and recorded the now classic E&J and Smoke EP. The two would be later separated due to employment obligations and M.E.S.S.I.A.H. ended up in Puerto Rico for two years where he took a break from recording. After a two year stint in Puerto Rico M.E.S.S.I.A.H. found himself in Hawaii and after about a year of reestablishing himself as a freestyle and battle M.C. he landed a record deal with the upstart Goodfellaz Entertainment. He quickly released a studio recorded mix CD entitled “How it Should Have Went Vol. 1” and rapidly created a buzz for his music. He has appeared in several live performances throughout Hawaii and is actively recording his first solo album which is due Fall of 2003.


R-SIN's, gift as a lyricist was recognized at the age of nine, during a school talent show at I.S. 172. In 1992, at twelve he was good and comfortable with his talent that he performed his first show at Club After 5, which is located on Guy R. Brewer Blvd, In South Jamaica, Queens. From then on R-SIN started performing at neighborhood functions, including block parties, house parties, and numerous battles. In 1999, R-SIN joined the US Army and got sent to the island of Hawaii, a place where hip- hop is not noticed, recognized, nor appreciated. But never the less R-SIN’s dedication to hip-hop was noticed and in 2002 he performed in his first show at Club Wave Waikiki. From then on R-SIN has gotten to be recognized in Hawaii as a lyricist with a lot of talent, through live performances, battles and after club functions. R-SIN’s love for the game is unmatched. This was witnessed by the CEO’s of Goodfellaz Entertainment, who first seen him at a M.C. battle that their other artist M.E.S.S.I.A.H. was also in. After losing touch the three ran into each other by chance and the CEO’s made sure this time they kept in touch with R-SIN and after a couple of weeks felt it necessary to bring R-SIN to the team. To R-SIN, this is his life, this is his love, and this is his future. R-SIN recently released his debut album entitled "The Offering" in June to much praise and good sales in Hawaii and New York City. R-SIN is no longer in the U.S. Military and is currently back in Queens, N.Y. helping Da Hoodfellaz and Goodfellaz Entertainment, Inc become a major force in the music industry.