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"Toastee" Single VIA Soundcloud

"420 Da Mixtape High" Mixtape VIA Datpiff

"Da Hoods Ornament" Mixtape VIA Datpiff



Flint, MI USA has A Artist On the Rise. "Da Hoods Ornament" is Bringing you Both sides of The Streets, The Negatives & The Positives. Started out as a Troubled Studentwho had a Passion for sports & Music. "Dancing" Was his thing in the beginning. It went from Dancing to Rap !

When he was 4 He & his Mother Moved from the West Side of Flint, MI to the South Side of Flint. Da Hoods Ornament Lived on the South For 10 Years. While Moving Back and Forth from his Grandmothers House On the West Side. He developed friendships at A very young age with kids on the Block On the West Side As Well as Kids In his South Side Projects, "Evergreen Regency"

Da Hoods Ornament Started Rapping when he Met his Best Friend in the 7th Grade at Mckinnley Dominick, AKA "D - Story" ! He told him to quit rapping these famous artist music better than themselves and start writing your Own. His delivery of others lyrics shocked people. Until he learned how to put his life stories together. From then He has Been A Very Lyrical Monster Crushing Nearby Talent.

They came up with a Group Called "Gangsta Gorrilaz" BKA "Double G Mobstaz" The Group Originally consisted of "Da Hoods Ornament", "D-Story", "TLee 4 5th", "Skillz I Gottem" "Yung MIC" & "GH3" They all are Double G Mobstaz. Along with A Host of Others.

Da Hoods Ornament & D-Story Had Fans Before they both ever stepped foot into a Studio. They always performed on the streets, In school cafeterias, MTA Bus Terminal of Downtown Flint, MI. Titled "You Need More Practice", "You Better Be Focused", & "Zone out" ! These were hit Songs they always did A'Capella !

Da Hoods Ornament Has Released 4 Mixtapes, Although Only 2 Has reached the Internet Via Datpiff Mixtapes. He Has released "The Takeover Vol.1 & 2" as Well as The Datpiff Mixtapes Which is Called "Da Hoods Ornament" & "420 Da Mixtape High".

Up & Coming Projects Are "Loyalty Is Everything", "Back To Da Bricks Music", "Shopping For The Re'Up" & "Letter To The Industry".

Da Hoods Ornament Is busy Getting his Fan Base Higher than It is, He Has taking time off of his Music numerous of times due to Hanging in the streets of Flint City, Which has Been the Murder Capitol for Quite sometime now. Putting aside the Steets & Getting back To Work, He's ready to Hit the Scenes Again !