Dai Atlas

Dai Atlas


As hard and loud as 70's metal, laced with early-90's west-coast, post-metal soul.


... The incessant blaring of some sort of stereo or another fuels these four parts whose sum is overshadowed by the ferocious whole known as Dai Atlas. Headphones, blown speakers, cramped practice spaces, almost crowded out by the sound, these things make up their habitat. They believe in the dream of a riff that can liberate you. Careless overuse by inept practitioners has turned the power of rock into a cliche, but it's a cliche that still sends tremors through teenage boys' bedrooms. It makes them obsess over records and fervently search for the greatest one...
... They will take up the mantle laid down by the past and provide the heat needed to fuse it with the restless energy and breakneck expectations that ignite the future. Tommy (guitar, vocals), Joel (bass), Justin (guitar), and Dave (oversized drum kit) were barely born when long-haired visionaries, towering like stone statues in stage light, were clearing a bombastic path, forging the sonic extreme that would eventually buckle, and be crushed under the new guard's punishing precision. Dai Atlas knows the history that presaged their inception, but doesn't let reverence restrict them...
... Strange to think that in Buffalo, a worked-to-death city once built by steel, now ravaged and battered, but standing, that there was a void waiting, almost aching to be filled by a band with the unbridled sonic strength and muscular melodic drive of Dai Atlas...


Halogen Illuminators

Written By: Stanford

Making our way to the steel drive, i look at my watch its a quarter to five. Four million miles to go... with the windows down in my GTO. Turning the dial as i hit the sound, the trail of burning black smoking on the ground, and my baby by my side. No turning back Interstellar ride...

Rocket powered with gasoline hitting speeds like you've never seen. G-Forces try to drag us down, but we break on through with the vertical bound. Above the heavens, past the atmosphere, entering into the cosmic clear, through darkness we will fly. "Flip the headlights on", Fire in the Sky.


Written By: Stanford

Newborn sun rising high at the end of time
Shedding light on all the things i left behind

Set everything on fire, it burns away...
it burns away...
The memories expire, obliterate...

I'll destroy everything that bears your name
Building walls of bitter pride and celophane

Set everything on fire, it burns away...
it burns away...
The memories expire, obliterate...

Heavy Mehti

Written By: Menter/Stanford

Slowly you crawl into the light
Swirling over hypnotic mass
Stumble through desolation
Blood as cold as the ground at last

you took my life away but it feels so alive
you gave my sould away now I feel like I've died

Snowblind you walk into the cold
the Mehti wanders on
Frozen fur, vapor breath
Involuntary Christmas sky

you took my life away but I feel so alive
you gave my soul away now it feels like I've died


- "Heathen" b/w "What it is to Fall" single on Blackbook Records - Spring 2003
- 2002 6-Song Demo

We are located at garageband at: http://www.garageband.com/artist/daiatlas, and our demos are available for download off of our website.

Set List

Our set currently consists of 8 to 10 songs, and in whole spans approximately 45 minutes. We have songs that range from under three minutes to potentially seven or eight, depending on our moods.

Alphabetically (Originals):
Black Rose
Halogen Illuminators
Heavy Mehti
Hell to Go
Planet: Zone
Points of Light
Sonic Bomber
The Ghost of Elmwood
The Zodiak
What it is to Fall
Welcoming the Ice Age