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Daily Bread

Emmeloord, Flevoland, Netherlands | INDIE

Emmeloord, Flevoland, Netherlands | INDIE
Band Alternative Pop




"Daily Bread"

‘The organ gives the music a wonderful sixties sound, while the bassist plays his instrument almost as if it were a guitar. The drums are fast and to the point, and it’s clear that this is a band that loves to play together. This all makes Daily Bread innovative, energetic and very difficult to pigeon-hole.' - 3 voor 12

"Frisians exit the Grand Prix"

'The Friesian band Daily Bread, the winners of the ‘Kleine Prijs van Fryslân’ have announced that they dropping out of the competition. The reasons are explained on their MySpace: "We weren’t allowed to use our usual live set-up (drums at the front of the stage, old, nostalgic amplifiers and us huddled up close together!) at the showcase in the Wilhelmina Pakhuis in Amsterdam. Without our own amps, our own sixties drum kit, without Stefan, out front for once, with a big grin on his face... That’s just not Daily Bread. That’s why.'
- Music From NL



26 March 2012 - 4 track free EP 'The Present'
3 October 2009 - Full length CD: "Well, you're not invited"

OOR about the CD: “Concert audiences already knew that Daily Bread is the best thing what the Netherlands have to offer when it comes to live bands, hopefully the rest of the country will know it soon too!”




Link to the video of single 'Loverst' :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWc1sIwCwUg

After touring through Europe and the United States for the past two years, a European release of the debut album “Well You’re Not Invited” and gracing the stage of festivals like CMJ (USA), Lowlands, Metropolis, and Paleo (CH), it was only right for Daily Bread to provide some much demanded new material.

The band touched down on a rented idyllic farm in the province of Drenthe in The Netherlands, where the trio was to spend night and day doing nothing but write and record new music. All in the mindstate of: “A good start is half the battle”. Unfortunately, the studio was barely furnished before faith had it that Kimberly (Keyboard player and Vocalist) needed surgery on her finger. Not only did this have consequences for recording the synth lines of the album, but the band also needed to consider a solution for their live performances. With a tour covering Spain and France ahead of them, it was vital to have someone take over Kim’s musical parts on the keys.

The solution is Atser Damsma. Already during the first show in Paris the band noticed a change. The sound was richer, the set more energetic than ever, and Kimberly felt free to shine as the frontwoman like never before. That night the group decided on the spot that Atser must be a permanent member of Daily Bread. Once they arrived back in The Netherlands, with Atser as their new addition, band was ready to finish writing new material as a quartet. This transformation also lead to the group distancing itself from its self-proclaimed “Sexy Garage Dance” label. As part of their musical and artistic growth, Daily Bread is developing into a more accessible and above all darker and more mature sound.

“Our new music is a search for true identity, it is living in the present and enjoying the fact of your mere existence. The first single, Loverst, is about waiting and longing for a solution, a liberation, that counts for love, too. Love gives freedom” according to Kimberly.

In finding their new sound the group also collaborated with producer Rimer London (known for int.al. Le Le). “It was basically a no-brainer, Rimer’s expertise in the Dance/Electro genre gave us a lot of fresh and new ideas, which helped us develop both musically as well as production-wise” says Chris Mulder, Bassist and Bandleader of Daily Bread.

“All these changes forced us to focus on the present more so than dealing with the past or the future. For a band that always wants to evolve and move forward, it was pretty scary at first, but we noticed that it made us stronger and has molded us as a group. For that reason, we titled this first teaser for our new material “The Present”.

The Present will be available free of charge as of March 26th, on the Daily Bread website or as an App pre-release. The App will serve as a framework for the band to release new songs, updates and other entertainment into the world.