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Hello, all music lovers! Drummer Terrence Cain of Dead Bang Go here once again to give his opinion on another artist's music! I've had the wonderful and fortunate chance to check out a really cool Alternative Rock band from the City Of Angels, Los Angeles. They call themselves Daily-Daily and consist of Carrie Rapaport on lead vocals, Mike Torres and Eric Vasquez rockin' the guitars, Kristen Agee on Bass (also taking up duties on the violin) and finally Mr. Rickey Villalobos on drums. For their live shows they use long time friend Josh Lute for lighting and pro tools.

Daily-Daily started in 2001 by Eric Vasquez. He is the former drummer for seminal punk band, Dr. Know. Eric decided to leave Dr. Know to create a project that would combine gritty, old school punk rock with do it yourself sensibilities with a more modern rock feel. So for over the last 7 years Eric and new band mates Kristen Agee (bass/violin), Mike Torres (guitars) and Rickey Villalobos (drums), together wrote numerous songs that captured not only the feel of the old school punk rock sound, but also had mind sweeping, ethereal melodies that could easily kick down the stadium walls. Think Sound Garden meets Pearl Jam meets The Gits and you pretty much have summed up the incredible sound of Daily-Daily. Carrie Rapaport, former Cakecutter singer, joined Daily-Daily in March '08. She's a force to be reckoned with, I assure you. She literally tears the roof off the clubs they play at every single night.

Throughout the summer of 2008 Daily-Daily wrote a good share of music that was finally recorded last October at the FoodMart Music Studios in Santa Monica, CA. with audio engineer Spencer Blair. Daily-Daily has created a self-produced, self-titled EP due out in May 2009. The songs are as solid as anything my ears have ever heard! These guys are destined to make a huge gash in the music world and bring back the rock music that me and my band grew up on lovin' in the early to mid '90s. Carrie sings so beautifully and really knows how to deliver each word carefully and clearly. Her voice is reminiscent of Joan Jett, Mia Zapata (R.I.P.) and Alanis Morrisette.

On a side note, for those who don't know who Mia Zapata was. She was the lead singer for The Gits. Her life was tragically taken from her in 1993 and is greatly missed by family and fans alike. Joan Jett did a live tribute show with remaining Gits members as Evil Stig, Gits Live only spelled backwards.

As for Eric and Mike's guitars, there is a good deal of crunchiness to the mix. Yet their sound is not heavily distorted and their solos are killer! The acoustic work they do on "Into The Sea" is melodic, beautiful and sounds reminiscent of something you could harken to in the early 90s Grunge, Altertnative and Indie Rock sounds at the time.

Kristen's bass work is phenomenal and I am definitely diggin' the heavy hooks she puts out there. She's also a great violinist.

Rickey's drumming is tight, very focused and a little spastic where it counts. His tribal work on "Falling Down" is very cool. He's sure to be a drummer who influences a new generation of players.

All in all, If you're into the Grunge, Punk and Alternative Rock scene of the early 90s and want something that is totally refreshing to todays top 40 crap with the likes of Nickelback, Hinder and Blue October...then I highly recommend you taking your virgin ears over to www.myspace.com/dailydailymusic and give these guys a listen.

Daily-Daily are planning a US tour very soon and again their EP comes out in May 2009. If they don't make it to the top of the music world, then there is something totally wrong with the music bizz for sure! This is your US correspondent Terrence Cain for the Rock Scene, over & out!

-Review by Terrence Cain
Rock Scene UK

- Rock Scene UK

daily-daily to be interviewed and featured on popular indie magazine, "Skratch". Interview will be posted soon on their front page at www.skratchmagazine.com

- Skratch Magazine


daily-daily (EP)

Year Album details
2009 Released: April 10th
Label: Self released

Skratch Magazine "Unsigned Bands Unite" Compilation

Year Album details
2009 Release date: April 27th
3-song placement. 26,000
copies distributed worldwide.



Already known for their fierce, driving, and in-your-face live shows in and around the Los Angeles club circuit, Silverlake’s newest buzz-band, daily-daily, has finally released their debut EP – a diverse, self-titled, 5-song disc that combines punk rock grit with powerful melodies. The result: a dynamic, radio-friendly, yet edgy sound that has drawn comparisons to modern rock staples Nirvana, Filter and Smashing Pumpkins. Now, the band prepares to its permanent mark on the alternative music scene, with upcoming high-profile shows in Hollywood and a mini-tour up to the San Francisco Bay area in July.

In 2008, Eric Vasquez, former drummer for the seminal punk band Dr. Know, decided to trade in his old drumsticks for a Les Paul and forged a brand-new sound that encompasses a variety of musical styles.

“When I envisioned this band, I wanted to combine different sounds,” states Vasquez. “I wanted to create a project that could not only capture the aggressive feel of my punk-rock days, but would also have a progressive sound that would appeal to a wider range of listeners.”

Joined by bass guitarist and virtuoso violinist Kristen Agee, guitarist Michael Torres and the furiously-pounding drummer, Rickey Villalobos, the band crafted new tunes featuring emotion-driven melodies that combined the fuller sound of modern rock with the edgy desperation of traditional punk-rock roots. The final lineup was solidified with the addition of singer Carrie Rapaport (formerly of MTV’s Jackass-associated cult band, Cakecutter), who brought with her smart, memorable lyrics, and a fiery, energetic stage presence.

daily-daily worked with audio engineer Spencer Blair at Santa Monica’s Food Mart Music Studios to produce a 5-track self-titled EP, which, upon release in April of 2009, sprang into immediate, heavy rotation on Altoona's Rocky 104.9 FM on Sunday's Homegrown Rocker Show from 9-11PM with "The Professor" Jim Price, and internet stations Jango, Tainted Angels, and Metalhead Radio.

The EP reveals amazing diversity, from heavy tunes with blistering guitar lines, tribal drumming and hard-hitting vocals alongside majestic, violin-laden orchestral ballads that are dreamy and ethereal. The opening track, the irresistible “Remember”, is highlighted by Vasquez’s powerful guitar solo and will leave the listener singing its memorable chorus for days. The final cut, “Forget”, showcases the band’s uncanny ability to deftly switch gears mid-stream both in tempo and emotion. What starts off as a rich power ballad with soaring harmonies ends in a fast-paced furious display of Vasquez’ fiery fretwork, peppered by Rapaport’s roaring and venomous vocal attack.

daily-daily’s intense and high-energy live show is, by far, the largest reason for the band’s rapidly-growing fanbase. Vasquez and Torres are all over the stage, guitars swinging wildly. Sweat drips from Villalobos’ brow as he furiously pounds the drums. Agee shows remarkable versatility as she deftly switches from aggressive, gut-stabbing thumping on her bass guitar to sweeping violin for the ballad “Into The Sea”. Rapaport’s in-your-face, swaggering stage persona and 4-octave vocal range don’t wane for a second, even as she rides the shoulders of a fan through the throngs of excited people watching the show.

“Our music features heavy guitars and complicated drum rhythms,” Agee is quick to point out. “They’re not simple ‘four-on-the-floor’, straight-ahead songs. We mix it up and are very passionate about what we do.”

Rapaport agrees, "we truly believe in our music, and try to bring that enthusiasm to our live show. It's always a thrill to play to an audience that's really engaged and singing your lyrics right back to you."

As UK Rock Scene reporter Terrence Cain bluntly states, “If they don't make it to the top of the music world, then there is something totally wrong with the music bizz for sure!"

You can find daily-daily's EP on iTunes and other online distributors.
daily-daily is also proudly endorsed by WBGEAR.COM and SIT Strings.