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"The Television Will Not be Revolutionised"

“The Television Will Not Be Revolutionised” is the first single from new electronic duo Celebrity Drug Disasters (CDD). Dr Sean Lowry, part-time art student and part-time musician has been a founding member of Australian rock/electro group Def FX and Primary. The sounds he’s brought to CDD are quite distinctly familiar, yet no less pleasing. Joining Lowry is Rob Taylor, 4 times ARIA nominated Best Producer and Engineer.

The Television…is a heavy drum led track with vocals by Daina Demillo. Demillo’s voice, spoken and singing through the track brings a lushness to counter-balance the harsher drum track and electro sounds. Distorted guitars drive the chorus, and this with the vocals is what reminds you of Lowry’s previous music. The track has been used on the ‘Soothers Liquid Centre’ advertising campaign and has been well enjoyed on FBI radio.
- In The Mix: Spokey Dokey

"George Clinton at Enmore Theatre"

The night was opened with the debut of a local act known as the CELEBRITY DRUG DISASTERS (certainly my pick for band name of the year). Incorporating 4 vocalists singing and shakin' their asses over a tightly woven carpet of accessible electronic-pop.

They supplied a stylish musical cocktail reminiscent of the panache of Crystal Method (boy can Daina Demillo sing). All in all Celebrity Drug Disasters served up a most suitable entrée of feel-good music, which set the mood for the entire funk-filled night. Definitely a band to look out for in the future, be it in a live setting or played by your favorite DJ's on your local clubs dance floor. - FBi Radio: Tobias Kaupert


Daina Demillo Demo EP: '”Monster of the Id”, “Silence Is Golden”, “Dragonwoman” and “Folie a Deux”



Origin: Sydney, Australia
Official Website: www.dainademillo.com
MySpace: www.myspace.com/dainademillo
Twitter: twitter.com/DainaDemillo
iLike: www.ilike.com/artist/Daina+Demillo
Blogger: dainademillo.blogspot.com/

Daina Demillo is a singer, songwriter and producer whose music is strong yet seductive, a heady addictive pulse that entrances like an opiate. She pushes the boundaries of electronica and jazz, melding them together to create a unique blend of fresh beats and retro cinematic tunes.

2001 saw Daina explore different music styles and scenes internationally, performing shows in Germany, London and in Australia.

In 2003, Daina joined the Australian music collective Celebrity Drug Disasters; a collaboration between Sean Lowry (Def FX) and Rob Taylor (ARIA Award multi-nominated producer), and was an important contributor to their album release 'Art or Porn?' in 2006. The album garnered critical acclaim and a great amount of exposure via international film and TV placements. This opportunity allowed Daina to further hone her talents live as the vocal force on stage up and down the east coast, including an impressive support slot for George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars.

By 2007, Daina Demillo was ready to step forward and become the solo artist she was destined to be.

Daina draws from a broad and varied pool of inspiration for her tracks that includes the work of artists; film directors such as Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick; and musicians such as John Barry, Bernard Herrmann, Bjork, Massive Attack, Portishead and Shirley Bassey. And it is this collage of poignant, artists' visualisation combined with the new technology of creating electronic sounds that gives this music such weight.

Daina cites "arts and culture of the Thirties though to the Sixties" and "films of the art-house, horror and noir genres" as major influences for her music.

Daina Demillo's destiny is unfolding like an engaging movie plot... Don't miss it.