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Dain Estes


Dain Estes has had great success as a songwriter with the band Shaking Tree, with T.V and movie placement, opening for legendary acts, and radio play stretching 3 continents. Don't mistake this new project as just a guy and his guitar. Using live looping this sounds like a full band.


Please note---the live recording "when the world ends" contains no pre-recorded parts. Everything is played by Dain with no other musicians and it is played live! Please see the biography below for more details


1. "Familiar" was added to over 100 independent and college radio stations in the U.S and over 40 stations in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

2. Dain's Shaking Tree releases have sold over 35,000 copies.

3. Dain's songs "Before We Met I Knew Your Face" and "Everywhere" have been selected by Karnal Productions and Noteborne music, for TV and motion picture licensing.

4. Licensed songs on over 20 cable T.V shows.

5. “Memory of Me” used during end credits in feature film, Now You Know, written & directed by Jeff Anderson (Clerks, Dogma, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back).

6. Has opened for the following major artists : Grammy nominee Abra Moore, Pat Green, Journey, Kansas, The Gin Blossoms, Sister Hazel, Stroke 9, Sister 7, The Samples, Marah, Garrison Star and Holly Brooks. Has played on average 150 shows a year since 2001 nationally.

7. "Everywhere" selected for inclusion on the 2006 House of Blues CD sampler.

8. Recipient of corporate sponsorships from Dean Markley, Corona Beer, and Jagermeister.

The CD "The Broken Whistle Sessions"
Simply put, the music on the cd ranges somewhere from indie pop/acoustic to alternative country. The record was mixed and produced by Dain. Additional musicians on the record include Shaking Tree bandmates Rees Lahman (drums) and Keenan Stump (bass). The rest of the instruments were played by Dain.
The songs were written and recorded in a little south-east missouri town called Squires in a home that has been in the Estes family for generations. The place was given the name The Broken Whistle recording studio by Shaking Tree bandmates because of the location and because the studio was a rinky dink operation. The studio itself consisted of a computer and a mixing board that was set up on the kitchen counter. Crickets had to be hunted down throughout the house before tracking could begin and minor storms frequently knocked out the power. Despite the lack of a proper studio, the hills of the Ozarks provided a dark yet beautiful inspiration for the songs on this recording.

The History-
In 1997 Dain formed the band Shaking Tree with 3 musicians from the University of Kansas. The band signed with Degy Management in 98 and with Knot Known Records in 2000. Dain was the primary song writer, singer, and guitarist for the group. Their Knot Known records release "Matter of Choice" sold over 20,000 copies and was produced by John Hampton (the Gin Blossoms, Stevie Ray Vagn and others). After a few years of relentless touring and headlining festivels, playing over 60 college dates, and performing multiple shows at the Winter Olympics Knot Known Records folded. Soon after, 2004, the band left Degy Management and took control of there own career. Dain became the booking agent, producer, and mixing engineer for the band as well as his other duties. They bought their own studio gear and took charge of everything from the creative process to the bussiness aspect of the band. The band continued its success in touring and sold over 14,000 records from 2004-thru 2006. In January of 2007 Shaking Tree played there last show.

When Shaking Tree called it quits their many fans spoke out. Dain's email box became flooded with hundreds of emails from fans expressing their sadness and thanks for the music of Shaking Tree and all it had met to them. At the same time, Dain continued to write and started contemplating another live project as well. While cleaning out his basement, he came across some old electronic drum pads and midi pedals. He started messing with the idea of somehow using midi (this is the language keyboards and keyboard related devices comunicate with one another) to control the the computer program he used to record Shaking Tree. The idea was to create a live show that uses his skills as a recording engineer and a musician.

The Live Show

The show works in this way: Dain has numerous drum pads that he plays with his hands and feet, he has a guitar, a bunch of effects that can change the sound of the guitar to emulate other instruments, everything is played live (there is nothing pre-recorded here!!!!), everything that is played can be captured and sent into a computer which will loop whatever is captured, and then can be controlled by foot pedals to bring that loop in and out of the song. Looping artists have been around for awhile, but this is different because instead of one continous loop that just builds and builds, Dain actually loops different song parts (i.e verse chorus ect). So instead of some long monotamous jam session, he plays living, breathing songs with dynamic and seperate parts. Like a live band, nothing is predetermined. Parts can be changed, the s



Written By: Dain Estes

To walk upon the cold cold earth
between the dirt and stone
trembling like shaking trees
waiting for the storm

darkness falls and seasons cange
youth and beauty fade
somewhere there is sympathy
I swear that love is everywhere

nations fall and gods they change
for every joy there is pain
for every act of hate unleashed
kindness goes unnamed

oh its troubling
that love doesn't win everytime
oh just trouble me
we all will feel fragile sometimes


Written By: dain estes

I write all these stupid songs and the taste of alchahol was in the last kiss that you received

when does it all begin life dangles at the end of promises that never seem to keep

I saw you standing there--
your eye lids black and smeared by your tears

you still wait when I say
your too strong, you hold on
for some day
some day

verse 3
you were quiet on the phone its so
hard to be alone waiting for what will someday be
will I find myself by chance, will I start looking back, will I beleive as you beleive


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The Broken Whistle Sessions
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Matter of Choice
Music From the Free State (live)

Set List

I can play over 3 hours.
I mainly play originals, but I do some covers.
The Fray, David Gray, David Bowie, Howie Day, The Old 97's, Sting, Son Volt