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Chicago, Illinois, United States

Chicago, Illinois, United States
Band Alternative Rock


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List of Compositions and Performances

Date Title Description
2004 Room for 6 Flutes A strictly composed surround-sound 12-tone composition that includes jazz, blues and hip-hop elements, with one exception per section. Performed at Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien May, 2004
2003 Saxofugue A fugue for saxophone quartet, presenting jazz and baroque elements, stretching the taffy between straight and swing time, rambunctiously and sweetly navigating through music history. Performed at Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien June, 2003
2003 Soldier Jazz song
2003 Uncertain Moment A chamber orchestra work intended to explore subtle orchestration
2002 Thema for Schwertsik A simple theme, used as the basis for several variations, including: ragtime, waltz, minimalism, song, eras of music, and other variations. Ragtime Variation performed at Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien June, 2002
2002 Jautrais Ods Both music and choreography completed by Dainis W. Michel for the dance group Dzelmieði. The dance and music was premiered at the “New dance exhibition” of the 2002 Latvian International Song and Dance festival, in Chicago. Festival information available at: http://www.latviansongfest.org.
2002 Three Roses Rock song incorporating jazz and blues elements
2001 First Symphonic Essay Piece for full orchestra. Duration 11 minutes. Written in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Masters of Music degree in Music Composition at Butler University.
2001 Bang it! Percussion piece for 4 percussionists, available as a percussion solo piece.Performed at Butler University April 2001
2001 Whew! Team Poetry piece for 9 musically trained speakers.Performed at Butler University April 2001
2000 Family Chamber piece in Five movements for Flute, Vibraphone, and CelloI-IV Performed at Butler University April 2001II, III Performed at Butler University December, 2000III Performed at Indiana University, Bloomington, August 2000
2000 Skumjâ Daina Choral workPerformed in piano reduction in Vienna Austria, 2002 Choral premiere at the Garezers Latvian Summer High School (GVV) Annual Concert 2001Piano reduction performed in GVV Summer School June 2001
2000 Wohl und Gut Solo voice and pianoPerformed at Butler University April 2001 and February 2001
1999 I Choose The first in a series of "team poetry."Performed at Butler University March 2000
1999 Piano Piece #1 for Adult beginner Easy piece with more "advanced" harmonies, so that the modern adult will not feel like a child. Possibly the first in a series.
1999 To Row Across Harp, Piano, Cello
1999 Water Under the Bridge A minimalist composition for Flute, Marimba, Harp, Piano, and Cello. Performed at Butler University April 2001 and February 2000
1998 A Moment in Love Spoken word with themes in piano reduction and instructions for jazz group, strings, and winds. Performed at Butler University April 2001
1998 Can’t Run Bloom: Rock songRecorded 1997/8
1998 Do you go? Bloom: Rock songRecorded 1997/8
1998 Express Bloom: Rock songRecorded 1997/8
1998 Intermingle Chamber piece originally for 2 Fl., Oboe, Piano, 2 Vln., 2 Vlc. Later re-scored for small orchestra
1998 Invention B Two-part inventionPerformed and recorded at Columbia College, Chicago September 1998
1998 Ohne Zufall Solo clarinetPerformed at Butler University November 1998
1998 On time Bloom: Rock songRecorded 1997/8
1998 To Belong Bloom: Rock songRecorded 1997/8
1997 Ever Wonder Bloom: Rock songRecorded 1997/8
1997 Fade Bloom: Rock songRecorded 1997/8
1997 Let go Bloom: Rock songRecorded 1997/8
1997 Roller Coaster Ride Bloom: Rock songRecorded 1997/8
1997 The Age We’re in Bloom: Rock songRecorded 1997/8
1996 Side by Side Love song
1996 Time Flies Rock collaborationRecorded 1996
1995 Chance Composition For assorted instruments
1995 Please Don’t Soft rock song for voice and piano
1995 Run Away and Fade For assorted instruments and performers, chance composition
1995 Tired of All the Rage Rock song
1995 What’s it all about Piano and tape
1994 Another Day Ska song
1994 Baby Rock song
1994 Creep on Heavy rock song
1994 Fly Easy Heavy rock song
1994 Just because Alternative rock songRecorded 1997/8
1994 Montage Solo piano
1994 Never Coming Back Rock song
1994 Shadow Screams Rock collaboration
1994 Who is your other? Rock song
1993 Crown Rock collaboration
1993 Greenbacks Jazz song
1993 One Way Street Alternative rock song
1993 Spoiled Soft and Rotten Alternative rock song
1993 Wait a Minute Country song
1992 Grand Central Station Blues song
1992 Hey You Alternative rock song
1992 Motorcycle Mama Blues Song
1992 On the Road Rock song

Note: Songs from 1992-1994 were performed regularly in the Champaign-Urbana Area from 1992-1996.


· Second Symphonic Essay, explores natural mathematical phenomena and combines aleatoric with precise notation for cool targeted musical results
· “B



Music allows me to translate more than just an inner world. Not unlike language, where contemplation of where thoughts come from yields a deeper connection with oneself and the universe, music is a way for me to access and present a deeper intelligence that simultaneously comes through me, resides in me, and is available to all of us. The musical result always shows: “you are more than you think you are because I am here.” From a personal perspective, then, music allows me to explore and share the correlations, characters, and energies in my intuitive inclination that I am more than I think I am because of a greater consciousness. Seeking and awakening my inner abundance, health, curiosity, prosperity, and of course, joy, becomes worthwhile when I share the journey, which I can do sonically through music composition, and when I feel others, I would say, travel, in their own journeys, by my having revealed my journey to them.

· Born in 1971 in Madison, Wisconsin
· Raised speaking Latvian, German and English in Hyde Park, Chicago
· Citizen of Austria, Australia, and the USA
· Active participation in Latvian song, dance, and theater since early childhood.
· Piano lessons and first compositions starting at age 7
· Exposure to just about every imaginable kind of music in a multicultural inner-city environment
· Loved every minute of playing on the Kenwood Academy football team
· Musical development characterized by a progression from folk music, to songwriting and rock and roll, to composition
· Albert P. Weisman Award for the Music Project: Bloom, “Global Rock!” www.bloomfront.com
· The collaboratively composed song “Time Flies” was selected for a “greatest-hits” compilation album: Champaign Underground, “Best Kept Secrets”
· Founder and “Captain” of the Butler University Composer’s Forum 1999-2001
· Conductor of the Hietzinger Arbeiter Chor in Vienna, Austria
· Teacher of Music Composition and Arrangement at the Volkshochschule Heiligenstadt in Vienna, Austria
· Private teacher of Music Composition and Arrangement
· Studies with teachers such as: David Dzubay, Gustavo Leone, Christian Muehlbacher, Jon Novi, Dr. Michael Schelle, Prof. Kurt Schwertsik, Prof. Erich Urbanner, and others.

List of works, performances, and references available upon request

· Bachelor of Arts, distinction, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, May, 1995. Double degree in English and Rhetoric with a Russian Minor and Coursework Concentration in Music.
· Master’s Degree in Music Composition at Butler University, Indianapolis, August 2001.
· Post-gradualer Lehrgang in Musik Komposition at the Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Wien, 2001-2003
· Doctoral studies started in Vienna, 2003. Thesis subject: The teaching of music composition.