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"El Gran Sonador, El Artista"

Dairon Skye, cuyo nombre significa "el mas grande sueno", nacio y se educo en la ciudad de Lawrence. Este multirracial joven (negro, chino, puertorriqueno) ha logrado lo que muchos no suenan ni creen posible. Escribiendo canciones desde los 11 anos, hoy Dairon tiene cientos de canciones. Durante los anos en High School fue parte del coro, luego bailo para Edara Johnson, y finalmente formo su propio grupo de baile, Kontroversy con el cual se presento en various festivales y eventos en la ciudad.

En estos ultimos anos volvio a reconectarse con su pasion de cantar y entretenar al publico. "Quiero que la gente se sienta bien viendo una presentacion de Dairon Skye", comenta el joven, quien disena y monta totalmente la coreografia de sus segmentos para que la gente disfrute de un show completo. Como artista independiente se siente muy afortunado. En la produccion de su primer album "Suffocatin' My Heart From Loving", colaboro con 7 productores de todas parte del paise.

En todo este album podras encontrar como la anecdota de que el amor a si mismo es lo mas importante antes de tratar de amar a ortros. "El amor es el enfoque en mi record" dice Dairon. "Empieza con el corazon roto pero llegas al amor propio". Dice que encontrar este tipo de amor requiere valentia. Dairon confiesa que la historia de su vida se encuentra en su musica. Es admirable ver como este joven se esfuerza tras su meta de algun dia poder viver comodamente dependiento solamente de su musica...

Read the complete interview on www.myspace.com/daironskye - Panaorama Latino

"Dairon Skye Releases Second Album"

Lawrence, MA is known to be a city of many secrets and Dairon Skye is definitely one of them! The twenty four year old R&B singer is getting ready to launch the release of his sophomore album “S.Ex: Spontaneously Exposed” this
summer and the first single ‘Breathe…’ has been taking off nonstop across the country.

With his first album, he taught us how to find the love within as this time around is
all about the party!

Being from a tri-racial descent (Puerto Rican, Black and Chinese) Dairon’s true goal is to inspire the youth of Lawrence by setting the example of true dedication and
determination. Many of us may recognize Dairon from his countless efforts with the
dance group ‘Kontroversy’ over the last few years.

Since the digital release of his debut album “Suffocatin’ My Heart From Loving” last year Dairon has founded two organizations. The Artist Expo, most noticeable for the production last August
Music.Love.Life, was created to aid independent artists to appropriate contacts
to further their careers and DUPZ – a CD Duplication company that aids musical
acts with their distribution and print work. Also, he signed on with Meak Productions of Atlanta, GA for the re-release of the controversial single “Me Lovin’ Me”.

Future plans would consist of the Safe S.Ex Campaign in spirits to educate the
youth of the dangerous and consequences of unprotected sexual activity. Soon after,
an Aids benefi t concert is being constructed to help raise funds to research the cure for
the sickness and will be presented by the
Artist Expo.

To receive more updates on Dairon Skye, please feel free to visit him online at
www.myspace.com/daironskye. - Rumbo Newspaper


Several local artists are Broadway bound.

Sure, the Broadway they're headed for is in Lawrence and not New York City's Great White Way. But they're still hoping the experience will provide exposure to help further their careers.

These artists — be they musicians, dancers or designers — are participating in the "Music.Love.Life: Artist Expo" at Lawrence's Social and Naturalization Club on Broadway.

Planned for one week from today, the event features some up-and-coming independent artists, selected from dozens of auditioners by organizers Elizabeth Delgado and Dairon Skye, both of Lawrence.

Skye, himself an independent artist who will perform in the show, came up with the idea for such an evening while forging his own career over the last seven years. As a dancer, choreographer and backup singer, he realized the difficulties and pitfalls new artists face.

His goal was to organize an event that would combine networking opportunities with performance; an opportunity for artists to show their talent while furthering their careers through new connections.

"This was all Dairon's vision," Delgado said. "I just wanted to help him make it happen."

Skye and Delgado advertised the event on the Internet, and found a group of about 20 artists working in various genres, which they whittled down to about 10, ranging from fashion designers to rappers.

"We wanted to make this a quality show," Delgado said. "They are all very talented — very dedicated as well."

"They all have respect for their craft," Skye added.

Each performer will have a table for promotional materials that will also serve as a place to meet with fans and network in between their performances.

"This show has grow," Skye said.

Featured acts:

Dairon Skye: Lawrence R&B musician and founder of the dance group, Kontroversy, will be celebrating the upcoming release of his own independent album at the show. He's a co-organizer of the event.

Magnetic: Originally from New York, this Boston rapper has recorded more than 100 songs. He's currently working on his first CD.

Taton Y Tremendo: These brothers are a reggeaton duo. Originally from Puerto Rico, they just finished their first CD and are getting ready to tour the country.

Melissa Jane: A pop/soul artist from Boston, she continues to wow Massachusetts with her mellow and soulful music. She recently took her talent to the famous Fat Cats in New Orleans, conquering the Big Easy.

Illa Metaphors: This hip-hop trio has been together for almost 10 years, performing all over New England and New York. Their positive lyrics come straight from the streets, covering real issues that happen in the ghetto.

Civico: A solo reggeaton artist from Chelsea, he is the youngest performer of the night at age 19. He is currently a student at the New England Institute of Art, majoring in film.

Boston's Finest: This hip-hop duo — Tone & Puffy Snipes — are the real deal when it comes to living in the streets and cars. They are struggling artists trying to make it in the industry. Their music is the only thing that keeps them motivated, they say.

Tony Enos: This 23-year-old Philadelphia native blends hip-hop, Latin, R&B and pop for his signature sound. His single, "Work It Out," is in heavy rotation on Philly's WKDU 91.7 FM. Enos is currently on a promotional tour for his upcoming album, "Did It Rite." You can hear him on myspace.com/tonyenos or blogtalkradio.com. Also check him out on iTunes and CD Baby.

Kontroversy: A Lawrence dance group founded by Skye five years ago, Kontroversy is comprised of young people ranging from ages 8 to 19 who are inspired by hip-hop and break-dancing. They have performed all over the Merrimack Valley and beyond. The dance group is breaking up: This will be Kontroversy's final appearance.

Sinful Stars: This is an independent start-up clothing line from Vermont. See their designs at sinfulstarsclothing.com.

- The Merrimack Valley Eagle Tribune


Suffocatin' My Heart From Loving LP, Released 8/26/08

Play the Fool - Radio Single Released on 8/07 on Wild 100.7

S.Ex LP, Releasing Summer 2009



For all his success in music, Dairon Skye is not afraid to admit that he is human, and that he is vulnerable. "People find out that I'm a singer, that I've been on the radio and that I've made music videos, and they think I'm some kind of superhero," he says in a deep baritone that gives no hint of his soaring vocal range. "I'm an everyday person. Sometimes I don't feel attractive. Sometimes I don't want to smile."

Skye's insecurities -- and his battle to overcome them -- are the force behind his new album, "Suffocating My Heart from Loving," a collection of R&B and neo-soul that addresses typical pop-song themes in atypical ways. "I'm talking about things people don't talk about. It's not a typical love song, it's not a typical I-hate-you song," he says. "The record is about loving yourself first."

Nowhere is that more apparent than on the track "Me Loving Me," which addresses the taboo topic of self-gratification with blunt honesty: "Coz only I know what I like to feel/and I only know what makes me oooh/I turn the lights low as I begin to heal/my only remedy is me lovin' me..."

On "Suffocating My Heart from Loving," Skye takes an honest look into his musical mirror, and the image isn't always pretty: he loses the girl, he succumbs to lovelorn desperation, he doubts himself, and he dislikes himself. Why such honesty in a genre where celebrity swagger is the standard? Perhaps because it's Skye's first chance to be honest, both with himself and his fans, as a teenager recording under the name Anthony B., he was forced to be who his handlers wanted him to be. "They were dressing me like an idiot and taking all these ridiculous pictures. I was so young and knew nothing about the industry," he said. "That was a major learning experience, and I will never compromise my art again. I've assumed total control over every aspect of my music -- not to satisfy my ego, but to make sure my music is honest, that it reflects who I am."

Who he is is part of what makes him so appealing. Part Puerto Rican, part Black and part Chinese, he views the world from three racial perspectives, and he wants his music to speak to people who know the struggle of wearing many flags. He also wants it known that his success is also a success for his hometown of Lawrence, Massachusetts, an often-maligned city that he wants to inspire and reinvigorate with his music.

Now 23, Skye is more mature, more focused, and more ambitious than ever: He has been through college. He has worked a day job. He has suffered personal losses, and is working to overcome them. Healing, he says, is what the record is all about: Accepting pain and using it to make yourself stronger. That's what Skye is doing for himself: as an artist, he is preparing to release a record that will make him a household name. And as a man, he is preparing to be at peace with himself: "You can't love anybody until you love yourself. I'm not sure I love myself yet," he says, "But I'm getting there."