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4 Track Demo (2008)

Upcoming EP (2009)



Forming in late 2007 under the name ‘Shotgun Silence’, the band initally set out to see if they could blend their influences and create something they could call their own. Three of the members had been previously invloved in a school based rock band that produced a total of 12 orginial songs with a strong classic rock influence. It was decided that a new vocalist was needed for the new project and a friend of the bands (Taraz) would be called upon to furfil the vocal duties. Along with this a long time friend (Rhys) was asked if he would be interested in playing guitar for the band and thus Shotgun Silence was formed. The band set about writing some orginial material and within three months recorded a 4 track demo at Electric Sun Studios to get the bands name out there. The demo received a posative response from listener and allowed the band book shows with the likes of:

• The Red Shore
• Wish For Wings
• Thy Art Is Murder
• Saving Grace (NZ)
• Coma Lies

The band established a strong following over the period of Jan 2008 – Feb 2009 and played a total of 16 shows all over New South Wales including Newcastle, Lithgow, Nowra, Wollongong and Western Sydney. The band established a strong relationship with booking company ‘Curve Edge’ clothing which allowed them to partake in many events and sponsorship opprotuites over the year.

Along with this extensive gigging the band was preparing and writing new material for an EP planned to be relaesed mid 2009.
In February of 2009 the band suffered their first major set back with the drummer susatining a broken hand. The band decided to utlise this time and designated the next 3 months to focus on writing and re-releasing the band with a new name and image.

The band set out on transforming their intial approach to a more defined and mature outfit. This included a name change to ‘Daisetta’ and the development of a more professional, technical and brutal approach to song writing and live performance.
After 4 months of continuous wirting, the band returned to the studio in June of 2009 to recored two new tracks titled ‘Conscience Of A Killer’ and ‘Reduced To Your Knees’. The new tracks are representative of the bands new approach to song writing and their attempt to combine the members influences to create once again, something they can call their own. Along with this the band enlisted the services of ‘Elder Photography’ to produce high quality promotion photos (see photo section) aswell as liasing with web design company ‘Rocket Design’ to design a professional myspace layout for the bands re-release.

Daisetta marked their comback to the gig scene with their comeback show on the June 20th at St. Clair Recreation Centre with Wish For Wings, Never See Tomorrow, Burmuda plus others. The show marked the start of the bands new approach to music and was a complete success. Daisetta are now planning to play as many shows as possible through the rest of 2009 in hope to spread the bands name and repuation as much as possible.
Looking to the future, Daisetta are booked in to record another 3 – 4 tracks in November of 2009 and release an EP with that included the two tracks that have already been recorded in the early months of 2010.