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"Daisy Cutter deserve your attention"

"And the versatile Vasshaug mellows his tone again on the intro to Queen Bitch before blasting into a Foos-esque chorus. This is a modern blueprint for music which changed the rock landscape 15 years ago and it sounds remarkably good. But for all of Vasshaug’s vibrancy it’s Jan Olav Isachsen’s focused axe work which could hold the key to Daisy Cutter flowering in 2010. This man is so tight you feel he could snap at any moment. Until he does Daisy Cutter deserve your attention. 8 out of 10 "
- Simon Rushworth, RUSHONROCK.COM UK

"MOAB is a step above most EPs..."

"MOAB is a step above most EPs...Needless to say, the result is a very good record – MOAB is solid from start to end. While they have a safe sound and don’t go too far outside of the box to make their music it works for them – they sound a bit like Foo Fighters."
- Michael Wickham, RIP IT UP Australia (Apr 13, 2010)

"We wait with baited breath to see their next move."

With the recent reincarnation of Alice in Chains, triumphant return of Pearl Jam, and whispers of a Soundgarden reunion afoot, you could be fooled into thinking that the noughties never happened and lumberjack shirts are still a must have for fashionistas, while ‘emo’ is a term exclusively used by lisping Sesame Street fans... yes, it’s official ladies and gentleman, grunge is back in town. Ok, so it never really left in the first place, what with the unerring consistency of Eddie Vedder and co and a collective Kurt Cobain fixation that has if anything become more widespread, but alongside the aforementioned acts has come a wave of new talent ploughing a similar scuzzy furrow; one prime example being Norwegian quartet Daisy Cutter.

With the dark lyrical themes, gritty, morose grooves and understated attack featured on the likes of ‘Q’s and B’s’ and ‘Secure Settings,’ it’s all too easy to be drawn into the pitch black tapestry of Daisy Cutter’s world, all four tracks on this demo taking a different approach to sewing unease. DC have been together for around half a decade now and it shows in an ability to circumvent the common pitfalls of initial demos; An excessive desire to please, repetition or lack of cohesion, and so on. Remarkably assured, the band’s warped alt-rock is encased in swathes of crusty guitar along with a vocal performance sure to draw comparisons to Chris Cornell’s raw, heartfelt delivery, and it’s highly unlikely that the Scandinavians will be consigned to obscurity... We wait with baited breath to see their next move.

Rating 8 Out of 10:

"Daisy Cutter definitely has a promising future."

Grunge oozes out of Troms, Norway. Daisy Cutter is an unsigned alternative rock band heavily influenced by Nirvana. This is evident with the "gloomy" track "Fast Forward ." This track has a heavy alternative rock sound with "gritty" guitar riffs and dark vocals. This a lonely tale about a couple who is miserable.The man wants out of a relationship, but his girlfriend keeps hanging on.

Daisy Cutter brings back the sound of the " Grunge Era," while keeping the intensity of today's alternative rock.Daisy Cutter definitely has a promising future.
- Indie Rock Magazine USA

"Daisy Cutter's sound certainly is something special!"

Norwegian rockers Daisy Cutter are hitting the UK with their EP ‘The Wreck Sessions’. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of bands including Led Zeppelin, A Perfect Circle and Smashing Pumpkins, Daisy Cutter’s sound certainly is something special.

The contrast of the gritty vocals against the smooth yet powerful instrumentals works remarkably well; the band has its own original sound without completely turning the genre on its head. Not unlike melodic acts such as Theory of a Deadman but also occasionally wandering into indie territory, the guys have found themselves a niche sound that will appeal to a diverse audience.

I love it when I hear a vocal performance that stops me dead in my tracks, when I just have to hear more. I experienced that on final track, ‘Secure Settings’ which is absolutely outstanding!

Daisy Cutter say they are “preparing for recording and extensive touring nationwide and abroad” I can’t wait!

Rated 12 out of 13 - Room Thirteen UK

"Musically these guys do have a catchy groove"

I have to be fair from the outset here as this is nothing I would normally listen to, but this Norwegian outfit had me listening to this from the outset. The promo picture worried me; to start off with one member looking like Chad Kroeger from Nickelback, but musically these guys do have a catchy groove that reminded me of Queens Of The Stone Age mixed up with Bush, Nirvana, Placebo, Clutch and Pearl Jam to name a few. There are only four tracks here and apparently Wreck Sessions volume two is in the making and I find myself oddly wanting to check this out when it lands, so I would say check them out on the net, seeing as it is a four track EP then I would imagine it would be cheap enough to take a chance on - Mass Movement UK


2004:A cure for the common EP
2009:The wreck sessions EP



Late 2002 vocalist Rainer Vasshaug was performing a local club in the sleepy snowy town of Harstad (Norway). In the audience was guitarist Jan Olav Isachsen, thinking “holy smoke, I need to start a band with this guy!” The contact was made, and by spring 2003 Daisy Cutter was a fact of life. Rehearsing and writing followed, and the EP “A Cure for the Common” was released early 2004. Playing more than 100 shows throughout Norway, including warm-ups for major Norwegian acts, Daisy Cutter signed with YES Records & Management in 2009 and released “The Wreck Sessions” later that year.
Daisy Cutter is often compared to known acts such as Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters and Audioslave. Still the band themselves get their influences from a much wider range of artists, including Nine Inch Nails, Led Zeppelin, A Perfect Circle and Smashing Pumpkins.
Getting in touch with Andy Gill, member of the Gang Of 4, Daisy Cutter returns to studios for a brand new release entitled M.O.A.B.
Produced by Daisy Cutter, mixed by Andy Gill ( who also previously worked for Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Killing Joke and The Stranglers…) and mastered in the legendary AIR Studios in London by Ray Staff (Led Zeppelin, Muse, Prodigy, The Rolling Stones and lots more...), Daisy Cutter is back with a powerful new sound. Launched in the UK, in February, first show for Daisy Cutter outside Norway, the band has decided to focus on performing live abroad until their next release, summer 2011.

Daisy Cutter's reached #8 in 2010 on "My space - Category Norwegian Rock" and played at BAKgården Festival 2010 in Norway.