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Hollywood, Florida, United States

Hollywood, Florida, United States
Band Hip Hop R&B


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"DaKidd and Lil Yah on B.E.T.'s 106 & Park Wild Out Wednesday"

DaKidd (Death Before Dishonor Entertainment) and Lil Yah (Knight Ryder Millennium) are two teenagers from Miramar, Fl that you might have seen on B.E.T.'s 106 & Park Wild Out Wednesday. They are scheduled for the championship competition set for August 23rd where they need all the support they can get to bring the trophy down home to South Florida. This is their interview...

What's good? For those who don't have cable tv, let em know who yall boys are and what's the label.
DaKidd: What dey do people its DaKidd and Lil Yah from B.E.T.'s 106 and Park W.O.W. I have my own label D.B.D. Ent.(Death Before Dishonor Entertainment) and Lil Yah is on Knight Ryder Millennium.

Ok, well first off let me congratulate you on your success. I hear yall boys won B.E.T.'s 106 and Park Wild Out Wednesday. How was that for yall?
Lil Yah: It was a great experience for us. It was our first time in New York so we got to see how they get down in da big apple. It was also good to see B.E.T. behind the scenes and on the set of 106 and Park.

Do yall get recognized now on the street?
DaKidd: Yea, The first time we was recognized was about 3 hours after we did the show walking in Times Square. A group of girls said they saw us on TV and that we did our thang and of course when everybody see us around da crib now dey be like, "O that's them boys that was on 106."

What has come after the win? Any deals on the table?
Lil Yah: We been doing some interviews and alotta shows in the south florida area but no major deals on the table as of now.

Are yall going to have any future appearances on B.E.T. in the near future?
DaKidd: Yea, We are schedule for the championship competition on Aug 23rd next month so everyone need to watch and vote as many times as they can to help us bring the trophy home to South Florida.

What's next? Any projects in the works?
Lil Yah: Well yall can catch my mixtape in the streets right now called "The Streets Supplement" hosted by DJ Gio and Kidd dropping his mixtape at the end of the month. Its called "The People's Choice" hosted by DJ Neighbor and Big Boi Swagg so look out for that.

Where can people go check out some of your music?
DaKidd: The can look us up on youtube or check out our myspaces. Mines is myspace.com/dakiddonline and Yah's is myspace.com/lildndakidd.

Do yall do more then just spit vocals?
Lil Yah: Of course! We like to look at ourselves as artists so we go for the universal hit record before we go for a street anthem. But Kidd is the mastermind behind the scenes. He does all our engineering and directing for our videos.

If someone wanted to holla at you for some work how should they go about it?
DaKidd: Anyone that want to holla at us they can call my manager Dray 757-348-6364 or 954-599-2530 or they can hit up Yah's manager Big Yah 954-605-8686

What part of South Florida are yall from?
Lil Yah: I'm from Hallandale, FL and Kidd from Bimini, Bahamas but we both stay in Miramar, FL.

How old are yall and how long yall been doing music?
DaKidd: We both 19 and I have been doing music since I was in the 5th grade and Yah been doing music since the 3rd so we got some years under our belts.

Guys, I appreciate your time. Any last words before yall go?
Lil Yah: Just wanna say thank to everyone that watch and voted for us on 106 and Park on June 16th. To all our fans much love and keep supporting the movement cause without yall we are nothing. follow us on twitter. @lilyah_koolcliq and @dakidd_dbd

DaKidd: yea yall make sure yall do that and download the mixtape on datpiff.com when it drops at the end of the month. And don't forget to vote for us August 23, 2010 on Wild Out Wednesday text "A" to 79922 or log on to bet.com and click the W.O.W. icon.

Lil Yah: And shouts out to da hood. Hallandale was good, Carol City, Miramar everybody. Shout out to Cool Clique, all my 90s, Money Gang, Knight Ryder, D.B.D. and JoJo, what dey do! - 305hiphop.com


Mixtape: "The People's Choice" hosted by DJ Neighbor and Bigg Boi Swagg available for download JULY 26th @ datpiff.com



Hard work pays off which means easy work is worthless is the best phrase to describe DaKidd, the newest sensation straight out of Miramar, Florida. With a few singles under his belt , such as Shawty, We Ride, and Pour It Up, DaKidd is breaking into the Hip Hop industry to show the world that good music still lives.DaKidd is 19 years old and started rapping at the tender age of 13. He completed his first performance at a school talent show in which he performed Lil Bow Wow's song "That's My Name" but it was not until the eighth grade that he performed his very own song, "Can't Leave Rap" that he also produced himself. He started out writing on a daily base all for his love of hip-hop and its been magic ever since. Being a rapper that composes and co-produces his own music as well as engineer his own sessions, sets DaKidd different from alot of other Rappers. DaKidd has a hype that always seems to grasp a audience with his stage presence. From the fellas to the ladies, from the young to the old, he'll have you bobbing your head and waving your hands in the air like you just dont care. Being inspired by rap superstars such as T.I., Drake, and Young Jeezy, DaKidd is dedicated to bringing that life back to Hip-Hop by adding new flavor to the game in hopes to restore what was once lost. He has the intentions of being the next generation of MCs that become more versitile than ever before, in hopes to inspire younger crowds. With determination on his side, he will become the next biggest thing to hit your radios and TVs. Knowing how much you put into it is how much you'll get out of it, and thats what he intends to spread all over the world.