Dakini is a high energy improvisational rock band with hints of various styles and influences. They can capture the rooms attention for 3 hours of original music, and then have them leave with the notion of still wanting more!


Dakini is a four-piece original band from Hegins, Pennsylvania. They create a flowing musical
experience which is truly unlike anything else. With influences from all genres of music, Dakini is pure Rock n Roll with a driving energy that can satisfy any and all who come to experience the show.

Together for eight years, with three full length studio cd's, one live cd, and hundreds of bootleg recordings, they have established themselves as one of Pennsylvania's most original, exciting,
diverse, everchanging, improvisational bands.

Electric sets are most predominant at a show, but they are willing and very much at home acoustically, bringing on an array of stringed and percussive instruments.

Each member brings different songs, emotions, energies, and grooves to the mix. Rock-n-Roll to country, bluegrass to funk, jazz numbers to swirling, trickling movements, and chaotic, ground thundering space and trance. A night of Dakini is a passage thru various musical styles, eras, generations, and unknown conglomerates of musical expressions.

The Band has performed along side numerous local and national groups including: The Jerry Garcia Band, Dickey Betts and Great Southern (of the Allman Brothers Band), Dark Star Orchestra, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Derek Trucks Band, Jazz Mandolin Project, Bernie Worrel (former keyboardist for George Clinton), Ulu, Zen Tricksters, Max Creek, Sister Carol (Grammy nominated Reggae artist), The Dude of Life (Phish Lyricist), The Breakfast, The Recipe, George Wesley, U-Melt, Brothers Past, Soul Live, The Slip, Benevento/ Russo Duo, Kaki King, Raq, and many more.

Playing clubs, festivals, and countless celebrations in Pennsylvania and surrounding areas, they will be spreading out across the United States very soon. Dakini hosts' their own music festival (Dakinifest) and travels with their own sound
system, light show, van, and dedicated crew to ensure each and every performance.

A family of artists, fans, and friends that encourage all forms of creative artistic expression, Dakini will continue to expand their musical adventure to help heal, energize, and enlighten with music and the power of sound.


Dakini - The Wheel (1999) Pan Records
Dakini - Mushroom (2000) Pan Records
Dakini - Live at Woodward 2cds (2002) Pan Records
Dakini - 4 unreleased (2002)
Dakini - Studio (2006)

Set List

A normal Dakini gig will consist of a 2 set show. The band has been known to throw a small acoustic set in the line up to mix it up a little and they also play numerous acoustic gigs. Dakini plays mostly original music with 2 or 3 covers thrown into each set. The cover material consists of an ever-changing array of music by such artists as: The Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, The Band, Neil Young, Graham Parsons, John Prine, Pink Floyd, and various others, both old and new. Dakini's original material varies each night, and there is never a show played the same, in fact there is never a set list written or thought out, the band feels most comfortable in the moment and letting the songs flow from there. Dakini has a vast original song catalog, and have proven themselves with an impressive no repeat 10 set run at Dakinifest in June of 2004.