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"Dakoda brings back the essence of hip-hop... a message, love, respect, and lyrical content for the masses,"


Dakoda began creating/composing music as
recreation at age 14. Hip-hop music was a big part of his life. Soon Dakoda started recording with friends and experimenting in the studio. After recording a few songs he began to sharpen his skills and formed Fat Baby Entertainment (an indepent record label). Ten years later after struggle, hustling, planning, and studying, he is a musical genius and true entrepreneur.
From writing, composing, performing, production, mixing, etc... you name it, he can do it. He is currently finishing his debut solo-album EVOLUTION due for release in 2009. "Hip-hop had greats like Rakim, Run DMC, Slick Rick, etc..." “Music has always been a part of my life, I studied those before me and now I rise,” says Dakoda.

Dakoda’s music is influenced by various genres from classical to rock. Music greats like Run DMC, 2pac, Marvin Gaye, Jimmy Hendrix, Rakim, Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire, Billy Holiday, etc… gives you an idea.


Wild Side LP

In This Game EP


Set List

two 30min sets - 1 hour total show time

lst set 15- 30 mins

2nd set 15 - 30 mins

3rd set 15 - 20 mins