Dakota Blonde

Dakota Blonde

 Littleton, Colorado, USA

Honest, warm, comfortable, fun and utterly unique. Quite simply the best night of music we have ever experienced... There are not many writers whose music and presentation is moving these days… then there’s Dakota Blonde. A group performing well written songs and singing them with heart & soul.


Soulful, delicate, powerful, insightful… all that and more,” are the words Michael Johnson (International recording artist/song-writer) uses to describe Dakota Blonde. “Highly addictive & absolutely contagious” is how their loyal & captivated audiences describe them! Any way you put it, Dakota Blonde, made up of Mary Huckins, Don Pinnella & Tony Raddell have certainly played and sung their way into countless hearts & souls around the globe! They met through their careers in Music Therapy, working with children and adolescents who are emotionally troubled. Therapy… yes… they have a special knack for including audiences in their music and finding the heart strings that music plays in all of us. This special capacity for empathy could explain the titanium bond the band quickly forms with their audiences. “Wonderful souls on and off the stage!” Performing originals and covers with their unique blend of heart, humor, authenticity and spirit, Dakota Blonde has had overwhelming success with all of their CD releases! … and they just keep ‘em coming! The group has received top honors for their song-writing, CD projects and performances across the country, and even internationally. You certainly won’t want to miss the opportunity to become a Blonde-Head!


Something Simple

Written By: Mary Huckins

Something Simple
Music & Lyrics by Mary Huckins ©1999

When the sun is slowly setting down
And I’m far from what I dreamed was mine
And I don’t know where I’m going still,
I don’t know, I don’t know.
And the world is far from owning
all the things that it has caused to come
And I don’t know where to look for that one long time friend
Not so much burned as burned out, looking for some kind or new life
Breathe into me, breathe into me
Breathe into me... please...

Something simple’s all I ask for
Something simple’s all I need
And when I find it I will surely know
Something simple shouldn’t be this hard to fall on me
Something simple’s all I ask for all I need.

Well, I think it would be fine
just to sit awhile with you
and let the timeless hours slip right by
I don’t often let them go
without trying to hang on
But something simple here is what I long to find.

Chorus: (above)

In the middle of my silence
well I know there’s something more
that those around me cannot lend my way
For they too are in this searching
In the silence, in the noise
In the middle of my search for something more.

Chorus: (above)

Come With What's In Your Heart

Written By: Mary Huckins

Come with What’s in Your Heart
Music & Lyrics by Mary Huckins © 2001

Verse 1:

Come with what’s in your heart
It doesn’t much matter now
We’ve all seen the rain and no one is watching you
So come with what’s in your heart, now........... your heart............
oh................... your heart.

Verse 2:

Come with what’s in your heart
We all have our cross to bear
The sweet will grow sweeter and you will be free-er still
Just come with what’s in your heart, oh now............. your heart.............
oh..................... your heart. (*Instrumental) mmm…..

Verse 3:

Come with what’s in your heart
Oh, Come to the wishing well
There’s dreams to keep dreaming but breathe in this moment here
And, come with what’s in your heart, oh now..............your heart.............
oh......................... your heart.


Written By: Mary Huckins

Music & Lyrics by Mary Huckins ©2001

I did my part, you did yours too
You broke my heart, that’s nothing new
But now I’ll take some blame if you do the same
from now ‘til then and back again

CHORUS: ‘Cause I know that the leaves will be changing
Hey that’s just what they do this time of year
And I know that my heart it needs some mending
Well, I just hope it’s while September’s in the air

You made your choice, I made mine too
No choice is choice, that’s nothing new
Well now I’m moving on, but you’re holding strong
You won’t let go, you’ve got to though

CHORUS: ‘Cause I know that the leaves will be changing
Hey that’s just what they do this time of year
And I know that your heart it needs some mending
Well, I just hope it’s while September’s in the air

Oh, the leaves are turning older
And the sky is growing colder
And you don’t make up your mind



‘Til They Fade – Wind Over Dakota Records (1997)
Something Simple – Wind Over Dakota Records (2000)
South Dakota Afternoon – Wind Over Dakota Records(2003)
Blonde Highlights Live - Wind Over Dakota Records (2008)
By Heart Live - Mary Huckins / Wind Over Dakota (2012)
The Love We Build - Wind Over Dakota Records (2013)

Gentle Wonder - Mary Huckins (1994)
Follow the Child - Mary Huckins (2007)

Set List

Dakota Blonde performs a mix of orignals and carefully chosen cover tunes (with their own special Dakota Blonde touch). We can perform a 45 minute show to a 4 hour show (with breaks of course). Generally a set length is 50-60 minutes.

Our influences in cover tunes include: Nanci Griffith, Shawn Colvin, Eva Cassidy, Gillian Welch, Jonathan Edwards, James Taylor, Bob Dylan, Iris DeMent, Greg Brown, Steve Earle and even Dakota Blonde renditions of songs from The Bangles, Men at Work, YAZ & Blondie. Quite the unique mix in our repetoire.