“At UCLA Radio, we have a catalog of over 10,000 artists, but Dakotafish somehow always ends up on my iPod. Makes you realize there are bands out there just waiting to blow up.” DJ Octoon, UCLA Radio


Compared favorably by several critics to Radiohead (specifically to the voice of Thom Yorke), the emerging Dakotafish skillfully blends the progressive and the traditional, the electronic and the organic, to create a moving original sound that aims to transcend genres and listener pools.

Both distinctive compositions and a powerful live show testify to the growing buzz surrounding the project.


-Dakotafish, Dakotafish EP (2008)
-Dakotafish, Motion In Relation To Other Objects (2009)

-Fall 2008: the debut EP was released. It was recorded in various residential spaces by Mike and was mixed, in large part, Bryan Cook (Damien Rice, Autolux, Inara George, Eels).

-Songs from the debut EP have been spotlighted, played, and favored on numerous high traffic blogs, podcasts, and playlists, as well as internet and college radio stations.

-Winter 2009: second EP "Motion In Relation To Other Objects" was mixed by Mike and released via free download on Dakotafish website. Received more positive coverage.

Set List

Original Songs Include:
1. Landlocked
2. Teenage Years
3. Strange Symmetry
4. Broken Arrow
5. We were like gods without hands
6. Valentino

Sets currently range from 30-40 minutes.