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Da Kreek is a hip hop group hailing from the midwest that combines old school MC'ing, with a new school bounce. Seasoned with lyrics ranging from hardcore, to alternative, they are not one to pass up!


From the busy city of Youngstown, 60 miles east of Cleveland, the hip hop duo known as Da Kreek has quickly gained attention since forming in 2000. Siblings, DTown and Mello Dee, have made a name for themselves as rappers and producers. Da Kreek covers a wide variety of sounds. Ranging from alternative hip hop to R&B.

DTown makes up half of the intangible hip hop duo known as Da Kreek. He's the infamous front man for Da Kreek. His sound is often considered old school by the average listeners ears. But if anyone listens to him closely enough, they will notice that his style bares the smooth and elegant flow of A Tribe Called Quest's Q-Tip, and also blends the clever, witty, and sometimes playful lyrcism of Blueprint.

Mello Dee makes up the remaining half of Da Kreek. He is mostly known for his laid back and mellow demeanor. Mello Dee's lyrics keep him far away from conservative and traditional hip hop. His sound is sometimes often described by fans as a blend of Cam'Ron's delivery with classic Jay-Z flow and lyricism. Not to mention that DTown and Mello Dee are not only masters of ceremonies, they also are highly seasoned producers. The sounds the two have created have landed them into the alternative hip hop category. Hardcore hip hop, Smooth R&B, and everything in between (and outside of) these genres, Da Kreek has done.


Da Kreek - Break 'Em Off (2003)
Da Kreek - Goin' Up: Up N' Comin (2004)
Da Kreek - Goin' Up: The Album (2005)
Da Kreek - In The Game: LIVE (Mixtape) (2006)
Da Kreek - TINTED STANZAS (Re-Issue) (2007)
Mello Dee - Above Average (2007)

Set List

Know My Style (Remix)
Pimps Yes
We Make Money
Akt Up
Tinted Stanzas

Estimated Run Time: 40mins - 55mins