Dale L. Perry
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Dale L. Perry

Austin, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1965

Austin, Texas, United States
Established on Jan, 1965
Band Blues Singer/Songwriter




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Christmas Cowboy


Empty Room Blues

Jack Rabbits Legs

Oh, The Questions


Quit Bein' So Blue

Willie Been Here

zum zum


That Sudden Stop


That Sudden Stop

Minstrels Necessity 

Made Me Mean

You'd Taken Mine

My Pallet Empty Room Blues

Good And Ready

Moan My Name

Empty Room Blues

Good and Ready

Hack Pushin'

Wholesome and Lonesome

For Me

Ridin' Out the Train

Lottery Song

Damn Drunk

Wastin' My Life Away

Loneliest Bayou

Cattin Around

Stoned All Day



I can't believe  I just turned 70. Didn't expect it. 

Born to work in a Midwest steel mill, which I did. 

Found  Brownie and Lightnin' and John Hurt and had to do it like them.  One man with one acoustic guitar playing the blues, so pure. Set out to preserve the tradition which I did. 

Met harp players Malcolm Gibson ( he named his kid Saunders Terrell) and Mad Adam Lee Myers Jr. and played around the Midwest. Adios Armco Steel.

Once, after hearing Mad Adam and I audition at the Quiet Knight in Chicago, Brownie McGee came straight to me, and, out of the clear blue ski, said "You got a right to sing the blues cause you aint never goin home". I never did. Decades later I learned that Blind Lemon gave that right to Leadbelly who gave it to Brownie. I reckon that is my most cherished moment.  You know I had to call Malcolm.

I eventually landed in Summit Co. Colorado where I lived for 3 years,at 9600 ft in an old miners shack with no water or electric for 3 years. I played the ski joints and got warm twice from the same piece of wood.. It was so cold sometimes you could hear the kee kee birds. Keeee Keeeee Cheeeerist its cold

While playing the Oxford Hotel in Denver I met 2 Dallas guys who invited be to play the Rubaiyat. After opening for Kenneth Threadgill (yep, the very one) I caught a ride to Austin to open for Sonny and Brownie at the old Saxon Pub. My first time in Austin was in the back of back of Mr. Threadgills Winnebago. Can't get anymore Austin than that I reckon

I got  a job looking for oil (seismic) and traveling all around planting jugs and rolling cables. I worked my way up,  and I had my own crew in a year. I pounded the ground and recorded what the planet had to say about it. For the next 12 yrs. it was 7 days a week 12 hrs a day unless it rained. You can bet we rain danced.

In 1990 I returned to Austin to drive cab(ala Harry Chapin),and played around town. (Saxon Pub ,Antone's. Ego's for a few.)  Got to know the Outlaw pickers of the day.

4 yrs. in a cab and an album later folks encouraged me to go to Nashville. Which I did, and drove cab for 2 years. I met some really talented and successful songwriters through the songwriters open mics and showcases. I learned the craft songwriting.  10% inspiration, 90 % perspiration,  I think Hemingway said that.

After some success in "the music business" I fell prey to the evils of the street. Eventually highways and hedges and borders and bridges carried me back to Austin in full recovery mode. That was in 1999. 

I performed around town till serious physical and mental issues sidelined me for many years. Being nuts will make you crazy!

Now I'm back and have GONE ELECTRIC.

My first sojourn into the Austin blues scene was when Margaret Wright let me sit in for a couple of vocals at the Skylark Lounge. There electric guitar guys were drivin' them crazy with simple blues licks. I wanted some of that.

At Kenny Durhams Jams I met Matthew Brodnax, an all around blues player who helped me get my amp going without attitude. I will never forget that. The Austin blues scene can be a pretty cold place for a new guy, but I have been well received by some of the best blues men in Austin.  Birdleg Pittman called me old timey and said I sang like his dad. I took it as a high compliment.  

East Side Blues Syndicate accompanies me in the band setting. What a blessing. These guys are top shelf on their own and it is always an honor to take the stage with them.

I do solo to full band shows with electric, acoustic guitars and resonator, about 60% original and blues and obscure covers.

OK  It is my last chance to do something with this talent I have been given. The licks keep improving and new tunes are coming.  Music is all I have ever been about, but I have been leary of the business. No Mas.  I am jumping in with both feet, even if they are attached to weak legs.

I got tunes, guitar chops, a voice, pro gear. and good wheels and am reliable to a fault.  Its time..... its time.. 

For my sweet wife I need to get out and do something with what I have been told is very special. I reckon it is now or never.


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