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Dale Deal

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Singer-Songwriter, Folk Rock, Adult Contemporary.


Dale Deal

Dale Deal was born to a working class family in Hemel Hempstead, England just outside of London and when he was 8 years old the family immigrated to the United States in search of a better life and relocated to Cleveland, Ohio the now Rock & Roll Hall of Fame City and at that young age he was already taking a serious interest in the Music of that time as Cleveland was rich in those days of the great sounds of the new black Music that was coming from just over the other side of Lake Erie in Detroit, City which they called Motown and around the same time the start of the British Invasion was going on and the groups that were also making a major impact in Music such as the Beatles and Rolling Stones. Dale Deal was seriousely considering learning to play Saxophone but a few years earlier after seeing Chuck Berry on television playing that Gibson Guitar and singing, Dale totally changed that idea and thought how could you play a Saxophone and sing at the same time anyway and Chuck Berry was then his hero and Mentor and still considers him one of his favorite Artists even to this day? Finally on his 10th birthday his mother bought him his first Guitar a used Sears Silvertone which she got a deal on but unfortunately they could not afford to pay for lessons. But that did not stop Dale Deal as he was like a fish to water and therewas no turning back and he never looked back and spent hours a day trying to teach himself to play and got better and better as time wenton. Unfortunately his father never gave him any encouragement and always said is that all you gonna do is play that Guitar all of your life? That really frustrated him and made him work harder. After the beginning of his teen years he was already starting to play in bands doing Rock & Roll and Motown Music some of the Music that had major impact on his life and would help to shape his own sound. In High School he played many of the school dances and playing in a band and especially singing was cool because it was definately the way to meet girls. Dale eL wrote his first song at 16 years old about a high school sweet heart, love affair gone wrong and realized that Songwriting was his number one love and again never looked back and felt it was the greatest way of expressing yourself. Of course Performing and Recording are his next favorite things after songwriting. Since then Dale Deal has strived and worked on perfecting his craft and has written many songs ranging from Light Rock, Pop, Folk Rock, Rock & Roll, Adult Contemporary to Modern Country with a Commercial Radio type format.
As a Composer he writes Songs with good strong Commercial Hooks, strong Melody Lines and Lyrics you can relate to which he gathers from things that happen in the News, his own personal life, or the lives of other people. As a Performer he has Performed with various acts over the years and has played in various Night Clubs, as well as parties and Outdoor Festivals and also has done solo gigs in Coffee Shops and Songwriter Showcase Clubs and has performed in front of many various people, playing and singing his Songs with a good and positive response from the audience. He has also done Recording Studio Session work, fill in gigs, as well as Producing, Performing, and Recording his own Songs. Dale Deal is a member of ASCAP, a Writer as well as a Self Publisher and had lived a number of years in Nashville, Tn. (Music City) in order to further his Music career goals and knowledge. Dale Deal is currently residing in Cleveland, Ohio for the time being.


"I'm Leaving This Town"

Written By: Dale-Paul Lindsey

1. I thought it all out,
I'm leaving this town.
No reason too stay,
pack my clothes,
I'm going away.

2. there's nothing left here,
a lot of sorrow.
The kids are grown and I'm free,
cause nothing stops me.

Chorus---I'm leaving this town,
finally for good.
I really think that I should.
I'm leaving this town,
right the wrong.
I won't be here very long.

3. Grew up in this town,
I've called it my home.
I know that when I leave,
that noone will grieve.



4. I'm already now,
to start a new life.
Live out my dreams,
free my mind,
leave it behind.


I'm leaving this town,
I'm leaving this town,
I'm leaving this town,
I'm leaving this town.

(C) 2009 by Dale-Paul Lindsey

"One Day"

Written By: Dale-Paul Lindsey

1. One day when we're older then,
we might look back at me and you.
And on that day we'll be wiser
we were young and love was new.

Bridge--- One day I'm happy,
another day sad.
Couldn't see what we had.
One day we'll regret,
this love got away.
We'll be sorry that day.

2. One day maybe in our hearts,
another time will come again.
Life don't always go as planned,
we took love for granted then.


3. One Day when the years have gone,
if fate will bring back me and you.
And on that day we'll be much wiser then,
we'll have learned our love was true.

(C) 2009 by Dale-Paul Lindsey

"Until I Feel New Again"

Written By: Dale-Paul Lindsey

1. Where have you gone to?
warm summertime.
The days are cold, and
the snow is falling down.

2. Just like a blanket,
it covers me.
Wish the springtime,
would hurry.

Chorus--- Until I feel new again,
in the month of May.
Until I feel new again,
it's another cold day.

3. Where have you gone to?
my friend the sun.
seems you've gone too sleep for,
the long winter time.

4. I feel so much like the sky that's
Wish it was a nice warm day.

Chorus--- Until I feel new again,
in the month of May.
Until I feel new again,
it's another cold day.

Guitar solo---------------------------.

Chorus--- Until I feel new again,
in the month of May.
Until I feel new again,
it's another cold day.

(C)2009 by Dale-Paul Lindsey