Dale Sebastian Becker

Dale Sebastian Becker

 Pasadena, California, USA

My music is in the vein of Steven Curtis Chapman and Twila Paris. I live by the scripture: "God didn't send me out to collect a following for myself, but to preach the message of what he has done, collecting a following for him." 1 Corinthians 1:17


Dale Sebastian Becker is a twenty-three year-old worship leader and songwriter from Los Angeles, California who seeks to glorify and exalt Jesus Christ through his ministry in music. Leading worship at his home church, Verdugo Hills Community Church in Tujunga, California, Dale seeks to help people get in touch with God through worship.

Dale attended Azusa Pacific University and graduated with Magna Cum Laude honors from Azusa Pacific with a double-emphasis degree in Commercial Music Arranging and Audio Engineering. In early 2006, Dale completed his first, full length, independent release titled “Home”. The album contains all original material and was produced and mixed by his father, Bernie Becker. Dale toured a part of the year in Arizona, Colorado and California. Kicking off 2007, Dale played BB Kings Gospel Night in Los Angeles.

Dale had the honor of engineering and co-writing for “Yalin”, Turkey’s number one pop star. Recorded in Los Angeles and Istanbul, the album will be released March 2007. Other artists that Dale engineered for in 2006 include King Errisson, David Loftis, Andrew Hunt, Insight for Living and Broadway star Amick Byram.


Great is the Lord

Written By: Dale Sebastian Becker

we come, bringing praises to your name
with joy we sing our songs of praise in Jesus’ name
we lift our voices with hearts set fast on you
our faithful savior, the way to living truth
we worship You

(Chorus) Great is the Lord our God today
Great are His mercy and might always!

we come, bringing glory to Your name
with life we lift our hands to you in Jesus name
your Spirit surrounds us, and guides us in your truth
show your glory, renew our hearts for you
we worship You

we dance, we sing all to give praise to our King
who came and died that we might live to taste and see
Christ in Glory!

save me

Written By: Dale Sebastian Becker

nothing could ever conquer you,
but this sin, it destroys me O Lord
so I need your protection,
‘cause without you, sin has already won

save me O Lord
from the temptation that clings to my soul
save me O Lord
you're the only one who could save my soul

i keep searching to fill this void in my life
when the perfect cure is already there
i fail to remember that you're always with me
i fail to remember that you always care.

save me O Lord
from the temptation that clings to my soul
save me O Lord
you're the only one who could save my soul


Written By: Dale Sebastian Becker

i want to be blessed, i want to be faithful
i want to give all i have to Him
so i’ll take what He’s given me
and show Him that i’m capable
and when he returns he’ll say

my son, my faithful one - you have become today
a true follower, one of the kingdom
you have truly found the way

i want to be ready, to lead a life that’s purposeful
ready for what the Lord has to give
i can’t become attached to
this life that seems meaningful
so i’m not bound when he comes to say

Perfect Father

Written By: Dale Sebastian Becker

every heart is broken without you
all dreams are shattered, old and new
all would lose hope everything in this world
without your mercy chaos would unfurl

and therefore i cry out and never-any-less I say
forever and ever, I will proclaim

(chorus)I wouldn’t care if my world fell around me
forever all I need is you
and I know that you’ll always be with me
You will always see my needs through
like a perfect father would do

all love is lost without you
all hopes and aspirations
would be damaged, lost or ruined
every gift would be empty,
every flower would never bloom
without your guiding,
mankind would be in ruin

Battle Cry

Written By: Dale Sebastian Becker

take up God’s work, prepare for revival
the harvest is here today and you can’t count what God has in store
have no preconceptions, our only prediction
is that God’s gonna blow our minds away
with what he can do with these seeds sown

for we know life found in our savior
a freedom all should know

(chorus) give us tongues of fire, of heavenly weight
may we lead the world in your praise

take up the word, get ready for battle
our mission is clear today, find the lost - keep your eyes on the Lord
as we stand on the rock and hold our position
what could harm us then??? - we’re free to give the grace of the Lord

(alternate chorus)

give us strength to endure this all out race
where the harder we run, the more will find your grace

Brand New Day

Written By: Dale Sebastian Becker

life has its ups and downs, its blacks and whites
and there’s many lessons learned, we’re taught the right
and there’s times such as these where hopes and dreams
grant no more motives to live life
and we’re left sad and indifferent...

disillusioned i search for light in all the wrong places
till i see a promising way
i found if i choose to believe there is light
in tomorrow a brand new day
i’m no longer left with this longing...

(chorus) da me un dia nuevo - esperanza para un dia nuevo! da me un dia nuevo - esperanza para un dia nuevo!
hope for a brand new day...


Written By: Dale Sebastian Becker

a nation founded on a God so holy
get right what others got so wrong
and although we had our mistakes & discrepancies
we had the freedom of the Lord at our core

(chorus)Lord remain
though we push you away into the shadows
Lord remain
though we forsake our one and only hope

i can only pray that your saving grace is with us
that your sovereignty will spare us one more day
for when we are under attack we call for your glory
but we push you away when we are restored


Written By: Dale Sebastian Becker

single eyed, single minded
heart pure, turned toward you
and daily reminded
of your word, your truth

gentle and lowly in spirit,
heart humble to hear from you
seeking your wisdom,
your guiding, your truth

(Chorus) we’ve come to worship as we are
believers in the one true God
turn our hearts toward you – turn our faith toward you

single purposed, single hearted
wanting to serve you
and daily reminded
of our need for you
intent on serving others
thereby serving you
living as true children
wholly dependent on you


"Home" CD Release May 2006
"Perfect Father" Radio Release December 2006- Radio Airplay (call letters available upon request) and streaming.

Set List

Perfect Father
Do you believe
Battle Cry

Set: 30 - 45 minutes

Can do top 40 CCM covers.