electro, electronica, synth-pop, dance


Hi !

My name is Dalex.

I’m a french musician

I’m a singer (more than 800 gigs in 15 years / hundred days in studio), songwritter (music & lyrics), producer


faster than the devil

Written By: dalex (jean-michel lamazou)

My sky was so low
So heavy, ready to collapse
Upon my shoulders
I thought that nothing could be worse
Untill your look, through the rain
Velvet feeling inside
This voice whispering in my brain
Far away run and hide

Faster than the devil
But I feel so human
You smile like an angel
And it feels so divine


Le souvenir de mon nom sur tes lèvres
Sans remords, disparaîtra
Avec ces vêtements jetés
Avec ce jour qui se lève
Tu m’oublieras

No tomorrow in your eyes
A new fool, a new fire
You’re the stealer in disguise
Blinded by desire

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