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fabulous songs about essence. for long :)


Dalibuddha band from Kyiv is constantly changing cast of musicians and names, appearing on alternative fests and gatherings and continues experimenting with new and delicious (attractive) live sound. Dalibuddha now plays electropop making advances to funk, jazzy releases, disco and even funeral boogie of 70s! Creating new sounds Dalibuddha sends its greatest regards to Depeche Mode, Cocteau Twins and Morcheeba and many-many-many other people who have been inspiring them during their controversial lifes...


ok, let's go

Written By: aida shine

Intro speach:
We are travellers,
Migrating net spirits,
Digital spying phantoms,
DNA agents looking for DNA engines…

1st verse:
??, let’s go.
We’ve taken our time.
OK, let’s go
To hide our crime
Against the rules
Turning round their clock!

Synchronize our tempo!

We must do our work,
Pure visions unlocked
Upgrading the system,
We just do our work:

Modeling the future
Remaking the model
Destroying used factors

Log in, download, unzip, (2 times)

2nd verse:
Wind up, you see it
He is entering code
Wind up, attention!
He is going to upload
Last silly spam –
Bursting skin of the world

Synchronize our tempo…

Our space is so cold (3 times)

Modeling the future
Remaking the model
Destroying used factors

We’ve done do our work:

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angel of dream

Written By: aida shine

Angel of Dream
Sweet Moony Guardian
Should we believe
In Moment it has begun?

Living for sake
Of saving my soul,
Refining my heart
With undying love
Undying love
Undying love

2-nd verse

Flowing days
Soon have to fall to parts,
On moments of truth,
Film shots and memo cards

2 ?
don’t be afraid
to talk to your angel
nobody knows
whom could be this stranger
that stranger…
those strangers…

Angel of dream
Free as a bird
Calm as an elephant

meeting her spirit

Written By: aida shine

I saw again that blue light faraway
A body incarnated as Prince Charming
He gave me gold-plated heart
And lead me to the world of riddles

I’m taking wing and so high
Hovering over the past so easy
And just only stars, stars just only
whirling around
around twisting

appealing sound
my wishful friend
my brightest nonsense
my slightest sigh

its so nice, to hover with you
and everything is clear without saying
no need in mere words and idle praying
Eyes movement, hand gestures explain it all


we are not released