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Disease Within

Mount Airy, Maryland, United States

Mount Airy, Maryland, United States
Band Metal Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Disease Within - Killing Time"

I was sent a promo pack from for "Disease Within's" CD "Killing Time" and this is the way all bands should do things. Great package with CD, Photo, Bio, Lyrics and reviews. More bands should present themselves like this. The CD itself is one of the more interesting releases I have heard recently as it really doesn't fit into any specific genre of rock. It is a mixture of Grunge, Punk, Doom and Metal but isn't derivative at all. The CD opens with a nice little spoken word intro having a dig at modern day fads and trends. There is even a cool little dig at the Youtube video culture which is something I am surprised more bands don't comment on more often. When they launch into the first track you have a hard time keeping up with who this band sounds like. At times you get a "My Dying Bride" vibe and then that will turn into "Tool","The Melvins" or even "Helmet"The music twists and turns at a constant rate so getting into a groove with this band is very difficult. Of all the tracks on offer here, none really stands out as the mood moves and switches at a constant rate. The music is Doomish but this ain't no Doom band,this is a band that uses a certain Punk energy mixed with a smorgasbord of influences that leaves you scratching your head. The band have some odd vocal arrangements that can go from "Tool" like to "Bowieish" like melody's. Lyrics touch on religious themes,violence and cultural subjects that all of us that don't fit into the mainstream have a hard time dealing with. Overall I feel this band has got a lot of potential and a bright future in front of them. Just what market they will fit into is hard to say but if you want to hear something different then maybe you might want to check them out. Out on Deadly Sin Records. 8/10 - Doom Metal Alliance


Killing Time (Full Length LP), Explicit

Available on Amazon, CD Baby and diseaswithin.com, mp3s available on Amazon, iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, and more.

Disease Within currently streaming on internet radio and in the rotation on FM radio!

Crawlspace Radio
Metal Messiah Radio
Metal Net Radio, Canada
KNYO Radio, Fort Bragg
WVBR, Ithaca, NY, Last Exit for the Lost
92.5 KGB, Binghamton, NY
Orestone Radio, UK
WNYU 89.1, NY, NY and Paris, France
Toxic Tunes
Phoenix Radio
Diesel Music, UK
FM Radio, Breman Germany
Radio Quartz, Belgium...Metal Zone and Underground City Shows
Groundwaves Radio
Hooah Radio (supports the troops)
Allstars of Rock
Dark Compass
PIXY 103, MA
89.7, Geneva, NY, Metallic Onslaught
Corkscrew Radio
JC Internet Indie Radio
Firestorm Radio
Sound Machine Radio

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Live radio interviews:

WVBR NY, 9 August (FM and streaming -- appeared live in studio)
Crawlspace Radio, Oregon, 5 Aug (streaming -- call in)
Longevity Rock Radio, MD, May (streaming -- appeared live in studio)

Can be performed as "radio edited"



Dali's Watch is a Rockville Maryland based heavy rock band with complex
timings and a grungy heavy feel.  Their style is hard to pin down but is
best described as alternative/progressive/experimental/grungy hard
rock.  The music is hard hitting at times, yet beautiful and dynamic,
with acoustics, cellos, and orchestra colliding with distorted guitars. 
While their music is very complex at times in time signatures and
changes, it is brilliantly written and executed such that the average
listener hardly notices.   Like Rush, this is a significant
accomplishment.  The songs are catchy and get stuck in your head, and
appeal to a broad audience from rhythm and blues to metal heads.  The
lyrics are often social commentary, or deeper emotional journeys,
allowing multiple interpretations and a deep connection with the
listener.  Their debut album centers around the media obsession with the
macabre; where every morning news broadcast is a plethora of
sensationalized death and tragedy.

The band was formed in 2012
with Mic Wynne (guitars/keys/vocals), Mike Galway (bass), and Gary
Venable (percussion).  All of the members are seasoned musicians with
many bands, projects, sessions, CDs and tours under their belts.  Each
has played in a diverse set of styles, including rock, fusion, jazz,
country, blues, and classical.  All of the members are also formally
trained musicians with decades of experience with their instruments.

their debut release, Mic Wynne wrote the lyrics and guitars for eleven
songs, and the band then worked to refine his arrangements, and added
bass and drums.  The drums were recorded in 2013 at Drew Mazurek's
studio, and then guitars, bass and vocals were recorded in 2013/2014 at
Dogland Studios.  Mic then added the finishing production elements at
Dogland, with draft mixes, and Drew Mazurek provided the final mix and
mastering.  Their debut album, "Breakfast Serial," is to be released by
Ravenhurst Records in 2014.

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