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The H** Story
Hey Mama
Sweat It Out Single
My Statement
It's Ova Now
J & T Barbershop Jingle
Vic Frost Radio Intro
Popped or Get Popped Single
Hot Ta Def Compilation Volume One- Produced 13 tracks
Start A Ruckus Single
I Single
Got That Single
I Wanna Be Your Man Single
Entell - Tell Me and Graveyard Shift Singles
Black Pentagon’s Bust Ya Guns Single
Crazy K- Rock Wit Me Single and The Truth Single
Mr. Rittz- Defeated Single


Feeling a bit camera shy


From Fayetteville, North Carolina a new hip-hop prodigy is emerging on the scene complete with all of the essential elements required to make him a sure-fire success. Darryl Warren Jr, a.k.a. Dalivaa makes up one of North Carolina’s premier rap soloist. While growing up, obtaining a strong influence from hip-hop music was apparent. Listening to artists ranging from Bone, Thugs and Harmony, Nas, Mase, and his love for music flourished during these years, which gave him a foundation to build on.

As the late 90's arrived, Dalivaa begin taking steps required to sharpen his skills to a competitive level. Playing alto-saxophone, baritone-saxophone, and percussions in band gave him familiarity with different instrumentation, so he develops a fetish for producing music. Dalivaa started rapping and producing for his group named Darkshadows, a hip-hop trio. The first song that Darkshadows recorded was “Can’t Hold Us”, which earned them an opening act for national recording artists Trick Daddy, and Trina. Coming from the country to the city to perform was a challenge, but they electrified the audience with their hit song “Can’t Hold Us” in the Queens Music Festival in New York City. Dalivaa kept producing songs such as “Garbage Day”, “You Can See Me”, and “Fake IDs” that placed second in the Def Jam’s Repyocity Contest, played as the Hot 104.5 Hot Pick at six for consecutive weeks, opening acts, and reviews from local newspapers. Also, Dalivaa was chosen by the Dynamic Producer staff to play his production for Def Jam, Bloodline, Diplomats, other major and independent record labels.

Having nurtured himself on a different level of the business, Dalivaa continues to evolve into a commercial success. Producing his own tracks and writing lyrics, Dalivaa has perfected his craft. His clever and witty lyrics, powerful, crisp vocal delivery and banging hot tracks will surely have mass appeal. While he intentionally aims for the commercial market, Dalivaa still keeps it underground. Dalivaa has a unique, yet familiar sound, which captures the listener’s attention and before long will have them singing along. And don’t get it twisted, his music is straight D-flava. Producing songs like “Who U B”, Brian Dukes of the Up and Coming newspaper stated “a must-hear track”. Dalivaa has interned with Vic Frost, Program Director of Hot 104.5, due to his keen production skills. He has produced tracks for other independent artists, such as Crooks Inc, Mr. Rittz, Black Pentagon, Crazy K and Entell. Needing a strong management team to go along with his intense work ethics and creativity, Dalivaa signed with a new management company based in Fayetteville, NC called RekLes Entertainment headed by CEO, Stacey Justice.

Currently, Dalivaa has created a global presence and is receiving hits on soundclick.com from various countries, which includes United States, Germany, Vietnam, Canada, France, United Kingdom, and Netherlands. In the month of September, Dalivaa had over 1000 song plays on his soundclick.com site. If anyone wanted to listen to his signature sound, it would not be hard to find, due to his global presence via the web. He has maintained his position on the Top 25 Charts on Uemcee.com site for 8 consecutive months and a feature artist for the month of August. The fans along with industry executives voted for his song “Sweat It Out” to be in the Top 16 of the Makeastar.com Contest. Due to his diversity, Dalivaa's "Sweat It Out" is one of the most requested on BandRadio.com Internet radio station. HotCityRadio.com Internet Radio, and Toolshed Internet Radio Show has placed "Sweat It Out" into their rotation as well. Also, he has been selected for BandRadio.com AirWaves Volume II and FirstSpinz Compilation CD's that will be distributed to the movers and shakers of the music industry. FreshTracksMusic.com has chosen Dalivaa to be a featured artist on their website and his music is being forward to Arizona Jeans for possible licensing. Dalivaa's "It's Ova Now" and "Questions" are on the Top 200 Charts at Underworldhiphop.com. He had produced 13/19 tracks on the “Hot Ta Def Compilation” released December 2003, which sold 500 units the first week and still being digital downloaded. He is delivering heat on the compilation as well.

Jacksonville, FL - Connexion Festival-11/10/05
Charlotte, NC - Mid-Altantic Showcase-10/7/05
Orlando, FL - Katie O'Brien's Club-8/6/05
Fayetteville, NC- Hot 104.5 Block Party- 7/9/05
Jacksonville, FL- Connexion Festival-11/27/04
Fayetteville, NC- Hot 104.5 Street Party-8/21/04
Fayetteville, NC-Club Palace-8/3/04
Washington, DC-ID 2004 Showcase-7/31/04
Fayetteville, NC- Hot 104.5 Block Party-7/24/04
Greenville, SC- Sony Urban Music Showcase- 5/15/04
Atlanta, GA- Sweetauburn Festival- 5/7/04
Fort Bragg, NC- Sports USA- 5/1/04
Orlando, FL- Florida Music Festival- 4/16/04
Lillington, NC- West Harnett High School- 4/9/04
Lillington, NC- Anderson Creek Hig