Dali Van Gogh

Dali Van Gogh


Dali Van Gogh is a Hard Rock band out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Our sound is rugged and vibrant, reminiscent of early years AC/DC and Led Zeppelin slashed through with a more modern-sounding crunch on the guitar work.


Dali Van Gogh are a 4 piece Rock band out of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, consisting of Marcel McNeil on Vocals, Isaac Kent on Guitar, Scott Turnbull on Bass, and Sean Sawler on Drums.

The band originally formed in 2008, and since then have released three records; Their debut CD “Verbal Warning” (Nov. 2010), the EP “Mask Identity” (Apr. 2012) and their latest record “Wild Blue City” (Sep. 2012). They have also been featured on several compilations albums.The band is currently marketing their latest single “Understand” to more then 450 radio stations across the United States, as well as to international markets including but not limited to London England, Guadalajara Mexico, The Philippines, and Norway. You can check out the single locally on Q104.

Dali Van Gogh were chosen as one of the top 25 Bands of 2012 by Rockwired Magazine, with their Guitarist Isaac Kent featured as one of the top guitarists in Independent Music world wide earlier in the year. They have since been nominated for two 2013 G-Chord Awards (Hosted By Rockwired Magazine), Record of The Year (EP) for “Mask Identity”, as well as Band of the Year.

Recently, Dali Van Gogh's single "Wild Blue City" has been named #16 on Q104's top 20 Nova Scotian Songs of 2012. The album itself (of the same title) has been nominated for a 2013 Faces Choice award for Best Album by Faces Magazine.


Heavy Living - Sep 2010
The Demon - Sep 2010
Sober - Mar 2012
Not My Worst - Mar 2012
Weight Of The World - Mar 2012
Wild Blue City - Sep 2012
Understand - Jan 2013

Mask Identity - Apr 2012

Wild Blue City - Sep 2012
Verbal Warning - Nov 2010