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Dallas Atms

New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2008
Duo Hip Hop R&B


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Dallas Atms @ 2159 Southern Blvd

The Bronx, New York, United States

The Bronx, New York, United States

Dallas Atms @ 260 Boerum St

Long Island City, New York, United States

Long Island City, New York, United States

Dallas Atms @ The Delancey

New York, New York, United States

New York, New York, United States



"DA Interview With Spate Magazine"

So tell us a little about you.

Well first and foremost thank you for reaching out to us and seeing the work we've been putting in. About us and our movement, we're a two man hip-hop duo, Dallas Atoms, from New York, specifically representing The Bronx. We're actually one part of a larger Bronx movement filled with other rappers, producers, DJs, painters and photographers. Coming from NY, especially The Bronx, shows and opportunities were hard pressed to come by. Instead of trying to fit into another scene or trying to make fake friends just for some recognition, we all came together and created our own scene and movement. Now we have other upcoming artists and established artists from other boroughs reaching out to us to be a part of our movement.

What projects are you currently working on?

Individually, NeCo is finished and gearing up for his solo debut, Curiosity, which will be dropping May 11th. Vega is currently working on his solo tape, Be Kind Rewind, which is scheduled for a late 2014 drop. But together we're working and gearing up for our second project, Timeless. Its going to feature several underground artists out of the metro area and has production from Kelly Portis, Ado The God, Ewonee, Canis Major and several more. Since March of 2013 we've been doing shows and performing material off of our EP, "38th & 8th", which was fully produced by Apollo Brown. The main focus has been expanding our brand and gathering new consumers to our product. We've done over 50 shows in less than a year and got flown out to Texas to perform at SXSW 14'. We feel real good leading up to Timeless and we've been able to secure a great base following closer too home but as well develop relationships and connections through our SXSW trip and dealing with out of state blog sites and magazines.

With so much competition how do you stay motivated to keep doing music?

Because we love it. If we were doing this for any other reason, we most likely would've called it quits and went down a safer, guaranteed route. But when you do something cause you love it, you don't think logically, you always find a way to make it work and you find a way to make your dream a reality. We're at a point in our careers where we can't be focused on other artists and their moves. We have tunnel vision, and we're focused on the people with their eyes on us.

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

In 2017 we definitely see ourselves headlining our own tour, with a grassroot fan base. Success is the only option for us, but at the same time everything for us is and has been organic. From our name, our songs, concepts, and our stage presence, everything is organic. So we expect fans to feel that and to grow with us.

Do you have any up and coming events you would like to plug?

We have our own live show called Buried In The Boogie. We're gearing up to reinvigorate that event and continue to make that bigger. Other than our own event, we have shows all throughout May and June, and a big event on 4/20.

How can people find you online?

People can find us at www.DallasAtoms.net || On twitter @Dallas_Atoms || On IG @DallasAtoms - Spate Magazine

"Dallas Atoms Interview"

Dallas Atoms is the talented up and coming hip hop duo from NYC. They sent me some music and I was drawn in right away by the beat, the street visual , and easy flow lyrics. The submission was very mellow with a laid back, stress free vibe. The video is all movement, and pairing perfectly with the song. It flows quick like the beat, and smooth like the lyrics with little pause. These two show great potential in their music, and they are interesting to watch as well. I see a lot of growth in their future together. So, I reached out to them for an interview and we got things rolling. Be sure to check out their new video “Grand Concourse” and be on the lookout for their upcoming project 38th & 8th dropping soon.

1. Who are the members of Dallas Atoms and where are you from?

The two members of DA are NeCo && Garcia Vega. Vega is from uptown Gunhill, and NeCo’s from the Westside of the Bronx.

2. How did the group form?

Well the two of us are actually from a larger, four man group, SICC Music aka The Peak, and we (NeCo && Vega) would work on group music and solo shit then go out and chill. We started The Peak back in like 2008 so we all been cool for a while now and even before the music as little kids. But as me and Vega chilled more, and built chemistry in the studio we were like yo we should do our own shit, just us two and see how that sounds. So in the beginning we started the Elevator Music series, and were real focused on expanding our song writing skills. Just focused on trying to build big hooks, bridges, and just cohesiveness throughout the song. We wanted to get away from my verse sounding like my own 16 and his verse sound like his own 16 and then the hook be about something totally fuckin different lol. So we really wanted to make it all sound as one and focus on extracting anything that didnt go with the topic at hand. As time passed, everything began falling in place and the moniker, “Dallas Atoms” came into fruition and from there we made sure the music, visuals, and artwork fell into place.

3. Where do you get your inspiration from?

We really get inspiration from anyone and everywhere. From the dude on the train beggin for scraps, to the dude with a cardboard box on the Ave outsmarting muhfuggas on the street with card tricks. We could find inspiration in other artists; musicians, painters, directors, anything that was developed and nurtured with thought and ideas. You can’t time inspiration, you just have to always be ready for it and when it hits you, you must take advantage of it. The smallest idea could turn into the most fire shit ever, you never know.

4. What is it like growing up in NY.

niggas get shot everyday b! lol nah its good man. Like anywhere else its really what you make of it. You could either be just another person swamped in your environment, runnin round with the fuckboys, or you could observe, analyze and critique your environment and then find ways to build up and change your surroundings. Theres hoods everywhere, theres pain everywhere, theres rough situations all over the world, feel me? But there aint motivation and people with the drive to complete their goals and realize their dreams. That shit is rare and far. NY could be the best place in the world, and the darkest, deepest abyss you could imagine. Its really what you make it and what you choose to get involved with. - Hiphophundred.com


Still working on that hot first release.



Coming from New York the cliche has always been, "If you could make it here, you'll make it anywhere". But over the last several years, the waves have turned and it seems, if you were made here in New York, you won't make it. With other areas of the map grabbing the leading hand for Hip-Hop, the New York rapper is almost looked down upon for trying to do his own thing. Breaking that mold and coming into their own, is upstart rap duo, Dallas Atoms. Hailing from the WestSide & NorthEast Of The Bronx, NeCo & Garcia Vega have been privy of everyone's perception of New York rap. The two 22 year old rappers, have dedicated time and have focused up on creating that New, New York sound. But you won't hear it in their lyrics. There is no overwhelming, exhausting hooks of how NY is back or demands of give NY what's theirs. Its more of a feel and a lifestyle. Raised to survive and grow, the two have painted pictures with their words since as early as 11 years old. In the year 2008, during High School, NeCo & Vega decided to go over raps with each other after a bunch of hopeful but misleading conversations. Originally rapping solo, both took a liking to each other's different style, with NeCo as a laid back, lyrical conscious spitter, and Millz as a more aggressive, lyrical champion. But it wasn't until they both uncovered their love for Big Pun and the Full A Clips Crew, that they appreciated each other's flows and felt they could mesh it together and potentially work together consistently. Over time and through a lot of trial and error tracks, the two eventually found their stride, lyrically, melodically, and even songwriting as a whole. With a wide range of influences from Lupe Fiasco, Eminem, Tupac, John Lennon, John Morrison, Nirvana, Blink 182, and even Elton John, their goal has never been to come with the hardest, street knocking lyrics. The goal has always been to create experiences, while still staying true to what they know. Pay homage to the legends that roamed the streets and rode the trains before them, but still dare to create your own path and strive to be bigger and better. With a bigger and broader focus on cadences, melodies, choruses and bridges, the lyrics become a second priority but still receive the same attention to detail.
The Future is bright but the future is unknown and unwritten. The ball is in Dallas Atoms' court and only they can determine how this bio will continue to read 5 years from now and eventually end, years down the line.

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