Dallas Burke

Dallas Burke


My emphasis is in rock music (blues, metal, acoustic, etc) with a strong background in jazz and classical. I have two music degrees, twenty five years of writing and performing experience, years of private studio experience, and I have been published nationally through Jalen Publishing.


Regardless of style, I love creating and performing music. While my creations tend to be rooted in rock instrumentals influenced by Steve Vai, Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani, and Yngwie Malmsteen, and Al DiMeola, I also thrive on an eclectic blend of Bebop, Fusion, Blues, Metal, Hip-Hop, Country, and World. I have many years of composing and arranging for rock bands, jazz bands, funk bands, concert & marching bands, choirs, orchestras and other ensembles, and I try to blend my love of different styles into every chart and every performance. My music can be raw and direct, or it can be big and dramatic. No matter what genre, I always try to stay true to creating music that I am passionate about.


DCB - The Early Years (2003) (EP/Demo)
DCB - Take 2 (2006) (LP/Demo)
DCB - A Burke Christmas (2005) (LP)
DCB - Not So Silent Night (2008) (Single)