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Glory Days

Written By: Dallas Burnett

I was only seventeen
But I was fall’n fast
For the homecoming queen
In my homeroom class

I didn’t know back then
All the trouble we’d get in
And the story’s we’d have to tell

When we would drive our cars as fast as we wanted and stay out every night
Yeah Friday’s came and we lived for the game we could play out under the lights
Do you remember those glory days, Sweet Glory Days
Life was never better when we thought we’d live forever in those
Glory Days

Every weekend we’d meet up
And the downtown would come alive
Pile in my ol’pickup truck
And see how many could fit inside

Start down at Sloppy Joe’s
Meet the girls at the picture show
Man I never thought, it would ever end


So turn the radio up and roll the windows down
Cause twenty years from now we’ll still be think’n bout


Love Looks Good on You

Written By: Dallas Burnett

So hard to fall asleep at night
I wake up in the morning with the sun and a smile
Jump’n half way to heaven just hear the telephone ring
It’s like the angels sing

Now we’ve got those talkers talk’n
And all your friends say that you’ve been stall’n
To say those three little words
That would mean so much to me, oh can’t you see

Dead end on a dirt road
Silhouettes and cane pole with…

Flip-flops and cutoff jeans
Take a walk on down to the creek
Hey baby can’t you see that love looks good on you
Love looks good on you

Won’t you stay for a while
So we can unwind
I’ve had a long day work’n overtime
And I’ve got a table for two
And it’s wait’n on me and you, so don’t be late

Streetlights make the city glow
Window shop’n with no dress code but

Tank tops and old blue jeans
Turn’n heads walk’n down the street
Hey baby can’t you see that love looks good on
Hey baby can’t you see that love looks good on
Love looks good on you

Hey girl don’t leave me hanging out here on a string
I know, you know what I’m talk’n about
You don’t need a mirror, just ask anyone on the street

Love looks good on you, My love looks good on you…