Dallas Diamond

Dallas Diamond

 Winter Park, Florida, USA

It is a Privilege to find love, but it is a Gift to capture it in words. Let me share my gift with you. Music. It’s what I do, what I love, what I live for.


From a small town in Virginia comes the next big name in the music industry, Dallas Diamond. The multi-talented young Singer/Songwriter/Producer was born and raised in "Goochland County" where he had always been attracted to music. Now in his late teens, he seeks to turn his dreams into reality and share his gift of song with the world. From Hip Hop to R&B to Pop, Dallas is a Jack of all trades with a unique sound distinguished with such distinct but yet versatile style. Now residing in Orlando, FL. the young artist remains single and is pursuing his dream now more than ever. "Looking back on one's life, it will never be the mistakes one regrets, but rather the dreams they were too scared to chase for fear of the chance of mistake."

Set List

1) Babydoll

2) Don't Stop

3) Sex Slave

4) Can I take you home?