Dallas Hodge

Dallas Hodge

 Palmdale, California, USA

Some of the best MotorCity style Rockin Rhythm and Blues you can hear and see. A style that has been said by some to be "pure" in nature. You will have a hard time to not get up and dance dance dance!!


Dallas Hodge was born in 1954 in Detroit Michigan. He started playing the guitar at age 13. He went on to lead several bands over the next few years and finally teamed up with his brother Catfish Hodge in 1970 as the Catfish Hodge Band, recording several albums together.

In 1978, he moved to Santa Cruz, California where he met and teamed upthis time with legendary guitarist Steve Marriott of Humble Pie fame.They got a deal with Atlantic Records, but because of the business as it is, they (the record company) wanted him to put together a band with as many of the originals as possible from Humble Pie. So he had to leave Dallas and the boys for the sake of his career. Steve was not real happy about this, but he and the band knew it was best.

Dallas began playing on his own again with his band Deluxe continuing his career plus sitting in with artists such as Johnny Winter in '81 along with Delbert McClinton and Bonnie Raitt just to name a few.

In 1983, he moved to Los Angeles where he and his brother Catfish teamed up once again to form the Hodge Brothers Band. This band was around for several years playing with some of the best L.A. musicians, tearing up the local music scene. The members were Dave "Woodie" Woodford (who played with Aerosmith, Bonnie Raitt, Jeff Golub and many others) on saxophone, Larry Zack on drums (Jackson Brown), Marty Grebb on piano and sax (The Buckinghams, Bonnie Raitt), Skip Van Winkl (of Teegarden & Van Winkl, Bob Seger and the Robbie Krieger Band) on Hammond B3 organ and kicking bass pedals with both feet. Dallas was also featured on several of Catfish's albums. They even did a tour for a record called "Chicken Leg's" with the likes of Bonnie Raitt, Paul Barrere (Little Feat), Cornell Dupree (Aretha Franklin) and Freebo all in the same band!

From this period until 2000, Dallas also had a band in Detroit known as the Detroit Allstars which featured Drew Abbott and Chris Campbell from Bob Seger's Silver Bullet Band as well as a host of others, including his longtime piano man Tim "The Professor" Sparling. They would meet once or twice a year to play in the Michigan area..

In the year 2000, he was offered the task of fronting the legendary band Canned Heat, one of the headliners at the original Woodstock Festival. Known for such hits as "Lets Work Together," "Goin Up The Country" and "On The Road Again". I knew I had some big shoes to fill" says Dallas. Even though Bob "The Bear" Hite had
passed away quite some time ago, it was a challeng he met head-on and every year he just got better and better. It's been said that this line-up has been one of the factors for bringing Canned Heat back to the lime light along with the return of Skip Taylor as manager. (He was their original manager.) No longer fronting the band, Dallas has stepped up his efforts and pushed on with his own career, and with his own style of Motor City Rockin Rhythm and Blues.

"People have told me that when they hear and see what I am all about that I should share my music with the people. I have always played for the love of the music. Lord knows there are many other things you can do for money, but the music is always for the love! I enjoy playing with Canned Heat as it has its own style of music," says Hodge.

In 2005 Dallas was introduced to a gentleman who would ultimately be the one to help him record as well as co-produce his long awaited CD......Tom MacLear. (Rod Stewart, Annie Lennox and more)

It was from here that a new chapter would begin and change was going to come!!!!!!
Dallas has finished his first solo CD, and it is now available on Meg Records. f you truly want to hear some "Motor City style Rockin, Rhythm and Blues", then you owe it to yourself to see Dallas Hodge live!


This is my first solo recording. I have recently recorded with the legendary Canned Heat (Ruf Records 2003. "Friends In The Can")

Set List

It is mostly the new CD as well as some more.