Dallas Wesley

Dallas Wesley


Organic acoustic music that has been called Americana, Folk, and Roots. Soulful songs about life, love and God.


I started playing the guitar when I was thirteen years old. My father bought me a Fender Squire. I've been writing poetry and prose from an even earlier age, but did not even consider writing songs until about 6 years ago. I released my first CD called, "No Cover" in August 2006, which I recorded at Packing Shed Records in Lovingston, Va. Since then I have been playing in every place that I can and with great results. I have been a Christian since I was eighteen years old, and though I would not consider my music anything close to contemporary Christian music, my faith does have the central influence in my writing. I have been influenced by too many people to name, but among the strongest are Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, U2 and Johnny Cash.


No Cover 2007

Set List

Avg. 2 one-hour sets of all original music, with the occasional exception usually of a Dylan cover. I like to try and cultivate an easy atmosphere for the audience and myself. My songs are heavy and I like to fill the in between with light humor. It all depends on the crowd, I guess.