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"Intoxicating! Beautiful Pop!"

"Distant Fairs is sure to be a masterpiece alongside their debut 2005 album, Penalty Crusade."
– Big Wheel Magazine | 02/01/2007

"[D]ry absurdist humor enough to make Morrissey himself chuckle. ... [T]ragic ballads rivaling Tigermilk-era Belle and Sebastian.
– Silent Uproar | 12/01/2004

"An intoxicating mix of old and new styles that rarely fails to deliver something memorable."
– Indie Workshop | 10/04/2005

"Mature pop that revels in mood and beauty."
– Independent Clauses | 09/27/2005

"Get this record and give these lonely hearts some space on your CD rack. ... It will give your heartstrings a well-needed strum."
– Outside Left | 09/07/2005

"A beautiful pop record with a nod to the beautiful pop records of the '80s. ... The Dalloways seem to be coming along at just the right time.
– Earfood | 08/30/2005
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"Gorgeous, Haunting, Lovelorn"

"[A] well-oiled machine creating intricate works of art."
– Neufutur | 08/19/2005

"Dreamy California sound meets Brit-pop (and more!). Subtle production touches. Lovelorn album. Play all songs. Gorgeous."
– KZSU 90.1 FM | 04/07/2005

"Like a casually gorgeous waitress serving Sunday afternoon coffee, The Dalloways serve up pretty California dream-pop delicacies on Penalty Crusade."
– Splendid | 04/04/2005

"[M]anages to find the sweet ether where California coolness ends and the emotional reverb of '80s British rockers begins."
– The Bakersfield Californian | 01/06/2005

“The musical arrangements are rich and are so beautifully put together that I hear something new every time I listen. I highly recommend [Penalty Crusade].”
– Planet of Sound | 01/10/2005

“Take the haunting lyrical wisdom of Lloyd Cole and slam it with double-sided Velcro tape to Morrissey’s melodious singing and songwriting and you will have a hint of what this band is all about.”
– N.L. Belardes | 02/20/2005 - For full reviews, visit The Dalloways Online


Distant Fairs LP: (tbr in 2008)
Dirty Money and Filthy Love EP (2008)
Penalty Crusade LP (2005)
The Dalloways EP (2001)



Who are The Dalloways? Dapper dreampop revisionists with a lush 60’s inspired synth pop sound and a wealth of lyrical tales to tell. Must be some sweet ether in that Central California air. Fiction writer turned songsmith Gerhard Enns, keyboard counterpart Cortnie Enns, and the rest of this four-piece tell tales of love and loss, of vapid teen stars, child rebels and jilted lovers moving to Warsaw. And everywhere a slightly melancholy air, the kind you feel when you dream of distant fairs under dark and starry skies. The Dalloways are akin to alt. pop acts such as The Dears, Belle and Sebastian, and Stars.

In 2005 The Dalloways produced and released their premier full-length CD, Penalty Crusade, a Brit pop inspired album critics hailed as “timeless” (Diskant), “intoxicating” (Indie Workshop), “mature pop that revels in mood and beauty” (Independent Clauses). PC garnered scores of critical reviews and landed among Earfood’s “Top 20 of 2005!” alongside Death Cab for Cutie, The Decemberists, Broken Social Scene, and British Sea Power. The band accompanied the album's release with a tour of major cities throughout the Western United States.

The Dalloways are polishing their latest full-length entitled Distant Fairs, a collection of tunes melding the band’s post-punk edge with 60’s British game show-inspired pop. Big Wheel Magazine has recently predicted that Distant Fairs is “sure to be a masterpiece alongside "Penalty Crusade." The Dalloways plan U.S. and European releases of the new album, accompanied by radio and press supported tours.