Chicago, Illinois, USA
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Sound track for hip hop and rap, exploring the fresh sounds and visions. Pushing the envelope for fashion, and putting on great live shows. Follow D-Win on his journey to the top.www.dalwayswins.com


Darius Windfield better known by the stage name D-Win born in Indianapolis, Indiana grew up on the Westside of Indianapolis. He began rapping at the age of 15 and started recording and performing locally at the age of 18. After graduating from North West High School in 2005, he attended I.U.P.U.I (Indiana University Purdue University) for one semester.In 2006, he moved to Chicago,IL to pursue a music career.

He transferred to The Illinois Institute of Art Chicago and majored in Fashion Design. While attending college he also pursed his music career. He released Stupid Fresh and it caught major attention of MTVU. It was featured on MTV Engine Room Episode 3, vocals from the song was featured on the intro of the MTVU Woodie Awards. In 2009 Stupid Fresh was featured on MTVU Debt Ski.

MTVU and the Peterson Foundation launched "Debt Ski," a video game anyone can play in their computer browser that shows the risks of overspending and the value of saving. Along with The All American Rejects, Stupid Fresh was featured as the games soundtrack, giving players the option to change songs as they play the game.D-Win was also part of a Chicago Hip Hop duo called The Rocketeers, the group was nominated for a MTVU Woodie Award in 2008 for Best Music on Campus. The Rocketeers teamed up with Illroots, Mike Waxx, and DJ O-Zone and released a mixtape called Stylish Shoes and Colored Jeans. June 2010 The Rocketeers released there first video Feeling Good and it was featured on all the top hip hop blogs.

Focusong on his solo career nowD-Win headlined a show in New York at The Cin-M-Art Space 13 where he performed all new material got received a lot of great feedback. March 2011 D-Win performed at South By South West. D-Win just finished shooting the music video for his first single "Homage", and will be releasing the video trailer and music video later this month. He is currently working on a solo project called "My Ode To Debonair", which will be released this May.


D-Win was one of the best music groups on campus to have their song remixed on MTVu Engine Room and they made a guest appearance on Episode 3 in 2008. You can go to www.mtvengineroom.com to watch that episode.

The Rocketeers : Voted Top 5 in the mtvU Woodie Award category for “Best Music on Campus”

D-Win song Stupid Fresh was used in Mtv Engine Room and also used for The MTVu Woodies Awards.

The Rocketeers released a mixtape with DJ O-Zone & Illroots.com entitled "Stylish Shoes & Colored Jeans".

D-Win is currently working on a solo project called "My Ode To Debonair", which will be released this May.

Set List

D-Win typical set list is Homage, Stadium Status, and Way Cooler. This set gives the listeners a diverse sound from the D-Win, because all the songs sound different. The song genre ranges from hip hop, alternative, and r & b.