Lincoln, Kansas, USA
SoloHip HopR&B

DaLyrical's style of music cannot be categorized by one particular genre or geographical boundary. It is best described as an eclectic mixture of several genres which enables the listener to captivate her versatility.


DaLyrical's musical endeavor began when friends mistakenly listened to one of her recordings and thought it was a well known artist. After much persuading she decided to take a more serious approach instead of recording her own lyrics on well known tracks.

Since then DaLyrical has been captivating many audiences from all walks of life, young and old. Her stage presence is vivacious and very well worth seeing.

Her musical influences include various artists from old school hip hop, rock, and r&b as well as entertainers in several genres today.

DaLyrical plans to continue capturing the interests of fans across the world. Her ultimate goal is to be a positive influence on GLBT youth as well as the GLBT community.

DaLyrical is also delving into the acting world by accepting a role on the webseries "The Lovers & Friends Show" (www.theloversnfriendsshow.com). DaLyrical can be seen on Seasons 4 & 5, however DaLyrical's music has been featured on the show since its beginning and the show aired for 5 seasons. It previously aired on the Glo TV Network (www.glotvnetwork.com) and was also viewed on Netflix (www.netflix.com). The show has worldwide distribution through Wolfe Video (www.wolfevideo.com) allowing fans to purchase dvd's of the full seasons. 


Lez Is More-CD, Proud-CD, Can't Stop-CD

Songs being played on "Da Doo Dirty Show" at www.ddirtyshow.podomatic.com and songs can be heard on the internet drama the "Lovers & Friends Show" at www.theloversnfriendsshow.com.

"Proud" CD is available on CD Baby at www.cdbaby.com/cd/dalyrical and "Can't Stop" at www.cdbaby.com/cd/dalyrical2 and is also available on iTunes and many other online outlets. DaLyrical also makes her acting debut on "The Lovers & Friends Show" Season 4 & 5.

Set List

DaLyrical normally performs a 30 to 60 minute set or multiple sets up to 1 hr. Performances consist of titles off her debut album "Lez Is More", "Proud" and new album "Can't Stop" as well as several unreleased tracks scheduled for release on upcoming albums.