St. Louis, Missouri, USA
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To spread the passion of the Christ with my passion on the mic. To reach the youth with the truth.


Da MAC (Music About Christ) is from Saint Louis, Missouri. He started making Christian Hip-Hop in 2007, and shortly thereafter he gave his life to Christ. Although he'd grown up listening to Hip-Hop music, Da MAC discovered that writing/performing could be a means of self-expression- especially in hard times. Now, he uses Hip-Hop as a vehicle to share the Gospel! He has recorded five albums independently (Macnifisent, Return of Da Mac, Real Talk, Immaculate, and Climactic).

For Da MAC, making music is about having fun! His portfolio incorporates content across a broad spectrum of topics and styles. There are songs with heavy guitar rifts like "Till I Collapse" or songs that have soul like "Love" or "Believe". There are even songs that are solely made "to bump in your trunk" like "Christ Beatz" or 'Hard Hittas". Da MAC strives to promote diversity through his art. At live performances, Da Mac engages the audience and relies strongly on crowd participation. He wants everyone "to get pumped up for Christ!".

2010 was an incredible year for Da MAC and his ministry. Da MAC came in second place in the Cornerstone Festival Newband Showcase. Cornerstone Festival is one of the largest Christian Music festivals in the United States. Da MAC also performed at the Big Ticket Festival in Michigan and Rock The Desert in Texas. Da MAC opened for different artists in the Christian music industry such as GRITS (Gotee Records), Remedy Drive (Word Records), and I AM Terrified (Gotee Records). Da MAC performed at Six Flags Great America for Live and Local. Da MAC also became involved with Mission of Mercy, a child sponsorship program. Da MAC views every opportunity as a way to "spread the Kingdom".

Da MAC has a passion for Hip-Hop, but more importantly he has passion for his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He wants to use his talents to share that passion with the world.


Immaculate (EP) 2009
Climactic (EP) 2010

Set List

Set List

1. Shine
2. Till I Collapse
3. Christ Beatz
4. Throw It Up
5. Hard hittas
6. Love
7. Hurt
8. Pourin' Down
9. Champion