San Francisco, California, USA

DaMaDa 's music is a mix of chinese tribal folk, Bejing opera, and other asian melodies/music with american jazz/rock improvisation. San Francisco's chinese american coltrane psychedelic rock opera pop jazz trio. An asian and american world fusion band.


The vocalist/dancer Luo Danna was trained in China as a singer/dancer and actress and was part of a cadre that performed throughout Guanxi and Guandong provinces in China. She is fluent in the chinese folk song styles and dance. Upon moving to San Francisco she helped to found DaMaDa.
Marc Schmitz is a guitarist and composer who has performed with many groups ranging from funk to rock/pop to fusion to straight ahead jazz and his favorite, free jazz. He has also performed with a Phillipine contemporary dance ensemble. He studied jazz improvisation at the Wisconsin Consevatory of Music and the Creative Music Studio in Woodstock, New York. He has traveled and lived in China 5 times the past decade and has been influenced by chinese music.
Dave Mihaly is a drummer, multi-instrumentalist and composer. He has toured the world playing music and has studied music and percussion with a variety of teachers in New York City, New Jersey and California. Mihaly has played in many jazz, rock, punk, folkloric and experimental bandsand is featured on over 30 recordings. He is currently a Porto Franco Records artist. He studied chinese music with Betty and Shirley Wong in San Francisco.


"3 Kingdoms" see CDBaby, iTunes, etc....

Set List

Good Morning Miao Mountain
Good News from Beijing
Tai Yang Chu Lai Xi Yang Yang
Ali Li
Xia He Tang Shui
Qing Shen Yi Chang
La Lui La

Tang Te
Sun Drum
Yi Wu Suo You
Olive Tree
Gan Shen
A Red Heart

Yi Meng Shan Xiao Diao
Huanhe Chuanfu Qu
Xiao Bao Mei
Zuo Xi Kou
Moli Hua (Jasmine Flower)
Wan Wande Yue Liang (Crescent Moon)
Within You, Without You