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The Cool Kids

were from Texas, they might have put out something like this. European transplant and Big Dada newbie

laces well-layered booty-shaking dance beats for duo

Damaged Goods)

to get loose over. Hello World is a decent listen, an overall good time of a record, but fairly predictable and at times a little too juvenile.

For every unfortunate boast like, “I’m so dope call me
Amy Winehouse’s

piss test,” there’s another more grounded one, “I’m the captain of the Radio Raheem regime.” And to balance out the abundance of bragging about sneakers and other played-out topics, there exists a banger like “My Stereo,” a finely executed stutter stepping beat tied up with the amusing refrain, “They calling me a hipster, but your girl’s still blowing up my beeper, check the message and it reads come and get her, now we south bound listening to Weezer.” “Follow The Leader” is another highpoint that has those Texas boys’ riding Xrabit’s throwback slaps like the candy dipped ‘Lacs they’ll be booming from this Spring. But again, for every dope cut there’s an antidote, and the self-explanatory “Party In My Pants” is a skip-worthy low.

All in all, Hello World is what it is, a good party record full of ass-shaking beats and loose-lipped boasts that should promote plenty of drinking and dancing, good for around 1a.m. on a
Friday night

. It might have been more tightly-knit as an EP, with a few tracks left to the editing room floor, but it’s about to get warm and maybe introspection is best put on hold for the moment. Now g-g-g-git it girl…

- Jeff Artist - okayplayer

"The Rap Up: The Beat Behind Damaged Good$"

Hipsters are gonna crazy for Damaged Good$. (Taylor Emanuelson)

It's not everyday that you get two born and bred Texas dudes cranking out psychadelic, futuristic tracks the way the guys in Damaged Good$ do. If you had to compare them to anyone, think Andre 3000 with a bit of Kanye West on "Stronger." Check them out...

Bonus mp3: Damaged Good$ -- "You That's Righteous (A1 Bassline Remix)"

...then read their story after the jump.

Coool and Trak Bully were teammates on a basketball team at the University of the Ozarks in Arkansas. United by an affinity for Daft Punk, they immediately clicked, happy to find someone to relate to on a team of otherwise "shady cats."

They took turns bugging each other out with their music tastes. Coool, from Oak Cliff, and Trak, from Tyler, were shocked to have found common ground in their non-mainstream preferences.

Damaged Good$, though, evolved out of Trak's overwhelming frustration with things on his mind that he didn't know how to express. Coool, a long-time lyricist, encouraged him to write a few verses. Their first collaborative effort was less than stellar, but their second attempt, "Housewife," earned mixed reviews on Myspace. They decided to keep going and eventually earned the kudos of Arkansas crowds who would have otherwise been listening to Waylon Jennings.

The duo was approached by producer Xrabit to remix a track of theirs called "Killin' Em." Though apprehensive at first, all worries were thrown out the door when the result came in and floored the duo. As a result, they continued to work with him-and, eventually ended up receiving a contract offer from Big Dada Records (home to Diplo, among others).

Trak, forever the skeptic, challenged the label CEO to fly them to London for a face-to-face if they were serious. When it panned out, they were sold--and immediately began working with collection of European producers who "got" their sound.

Damaged Good$ is currently working on a tour schedule that is tentatively scheduled to kick off before the beginning of the new year--around the time their debut record is expect to be released. For an instant dose, catch them tomorrow night at the Fall Out Lounge for the D-Town Booty Bounce show, along with DJ Fishrpryce, Prince William, Click Claack and Scuba Team Go. 835 Exposition Park, doors open at 10 pm. --Quia Querisma
- Dallas Observe


"Killin 'Em" single (White Label) June 2008
"Hello World" Full-length album released by Big Dada March 2009
"Love of My Night" single released by Big Dada August 2009
Future Projects
Currently working on two mixtapes, an ep, and their second album



"Never have you seen a stylish emcee crowd surf as he raps in nothing but his long johns, while his partner in rhyme lays down on the stage rapping his heart out... welcome to the world of Texan hip-hop duo Damaged Good$, now known as DMG$." - Dazed and Confused.

Former basketball teammates Chris Clark, known as Coool Dundee and Theodore Beard, now going by Theo, merged their hidden talents in college after experiencing racism that prompted Theo to write a poem which Coool recommended he turn into a song. After Xrabit, a London-based producer, found Damaged Good$ on myspace in 2007, DMG$ soon landed a deal with indie label Big Dada, home to Spank Rock, Diplo, and Roots Manuva. In March 2009, Xrabit and DMG$ released Hello World, a energetic, witty party album that received amazing reviews and a worldwide buzz.

Damaged Good$ is known for cranking out psychedelic tunes by way of heavy synthesizers, hard hitting European electro bass, and tons of southern hip-hop drawl. Recently, DMG$ were nominated by the two most popular magazines in the Dallas metroplex area - Quick and Dallas Observer, for Best Live Performance, Best Overall Group in Dallas and Best Song, and won the award for Best Hip-Hop Group. They also appeared in Spin Magazine's 'Songs You Must Hear Now' with Ferris Bueller and featured in URB Magazine's 'Next 100' in the year 2009. Aside from local shows and SXSW showcases, Damaged Good$ has also performed internationally on stages in Amsterdam, London, Paris, and Berlin.