Damage Pants

Damage Pants


We are a bombastic two-piece that usually gets a lot of crap about our name, although no one forgets it. They don't forget the music either, though they usually can't classify it. (I would say Post punk I suppose. )


Like many bands before it, Damage Pants began as a joke in 2006... a one-off project and “let’s see if you can even play a single show.” 3 years later, they’re still doin’ their thing as the sweatiest band in Austin TX. There isn't enough bubble-gum and duct tape in Austin to keep their equipment working. When you're stuffing toilet paper in your ears to control the volume at their next show, we want you to be reminded that they're kicking it out for you. Always wearin' the wrong shoes, gettin’ a gurp, breakin' gear, refusin' to play your favorite song, potty-mouthin' the lyrics, stompin’, shoulderin’, and blatantly flaunting their lack of connections with the scene movers n' shakers is what they do best.


S/T LP (vinyl + download) -2009 - Bombay Cove Records
Track on compilation CD - 2007 - Misc. Music Records
Live Cassette - 2007 -Chorizo Approved Records

Set List

We usually play about 9-10 songs at shows. We like to play less and leave 'em wanting more. So about 35 min. A ten song set would feature about 6 on just bass & drums, 4 guitar & drums. No covers.