Damascus Dawn

Damascus Dawn


We are a Contemporary Christian Band with Rock, Funk and Folk flavorings. We're a little bit of The Bangles with a touch of Watermark and, we've been told, a "female Simon & Garfunkel thing".


Damascus Dawn was formed in 2004 in Overland Park, KS. It was originally founded as an all girl guitar band, but quickly expanded to include men and instruments other than guitars. Our members are diverse in ethnicity, age, marital status and denomination, and that is one of the things we love about our group, as we feel it accurately portrays God's kingdom.

The message we hope to spread through our music is that God loves the orphan, the rejected, the outcast. When the world throws you away, He will be there, arms wide open.


It's So Quiet Here

Written By: Michelle Scott

It’s so quiet here, so quiet, Lord I ache to hear Your voice
I’m so tired now, so tired and I’m faced with one more choice
I can trust You in these times, trust the path You have for me
Or I can keep on struggling, trying to fill all my own needs
But it’s so quiet here.

You’re so silent now, so silent, Lord I need to know the way
Oh, please answer me, You said You would,
said You’d listen when I pray
Said I’d seek and I would find, but I just don’t hear a thing
So how do I go on now, do I keep on believing
When it’s so quiet here.

I remember Who You are, I remember what You’ve done
Haven’t failed me yet so far, haven’t left me all alone
Even when I feel afraid, even when I can’t hear You
You’re beside me all the way, You’re the friend
Who’s always true

It’s so frightening here, so frightening, Lord I feel so all alone
Feel just like a child, some days I do, like a child without a home
Orphaned, lost and all alone, but I know it’s just not true
For I have found a Father even though I can’t hear You
And it’s so quiet here.


Lord, with Your arms around me, I can do all things
No matter what I think I see
And when the storms surround me, life and all it brings
I hold to what You promised me


It’s so quiet here, so quiet, Lord I long to hear Your voice
But You’re here with me, I know You are,
and I’ve finally made my choice
I will trust You in these times, trust the path You have for me
‘Cause I’m so tired of struggling,
and I know You’ll fill my needs
When it’s so quiet here.

Hold Me Rock

Written By: Michelle Scott

My Soul is screaming deep inside
My face is smiling while my soul dies
Hold me, Rock, hold me close
I can't make it if You don't

When darkness finds me and I can't hide
When it surrounds me and gets inside
Hold me, Rock. Hold me close.
I can't make it if You don't.

Hold me, Rock
Hold me near
Wipe away my every tear
Hold me, Rock
Don't let go
'Cause in Your arms I am home.

The Shulammite's Song

Written By: Michelle Scott Redmon

The Shulammite’s Song

Come now and kiss me with the kisses of Your mouth
Call and I’ll run after You.
Your love is sweeter than honey and wine
and I’ll always, I’ll always need You.
Yes, You complete me, I know that You do
and I’ll always, I’ll always love You.

How is it that Someone who is so very awesome
Can love me the way that You do?
Now I’m surrounded by flowers and dreams
and I hardly believe this is true.
I am a pauper and You are the King,
yet You love me, You love me, You do.

Oh, how You love me, and Oh how I love You
You are so wonderful and I just adore You
Oh how You love me, and Oh how I love You
You sing Your melody and I harmonize for You my love

Shepherd of my heart and King of all my dreams
Shining and bright like the sun
I’ll come away with you, yes I’ll take Your hand
and together, together we’ll run
Yes, my desire is only for You
and I love You, I love You, I do

chorus twice


Written By: Michelle Scott Redmon

Treasure, that's what You call me
Beautiful, that's what You say
You sold everything only to have me
Cherished what they threw away

I can trust You, oh I can trust You
I can count on whatever You say
But I'm begging You please to remember just one thing as I go
on Your way

Fragile, fragile, handle me with care
I've been through so much, so much wear and tear sometimes I feel like, feel like I can't bear to
be so very breakable

Fractured, so very fractured
Want to step out but don't dare
One more tragedy will it destroy me
Shatter me beyond repair
Still You move me, oh how
You move me
Weaving Your plan for my days
I will follow wherever You lead me
But I've still just got this to say

to chorus

Your Word says Your strength is made perfect in weakness
Then Your strength is perfect in me
'Cause I am so weak I don't know what to do, so scared that I just
cannot see

to chorus

Fragile, that's what You call me
Breakable, just as I say
What is priceless is always so fragile and You can use me best that way

Fragile, fragile, but handled with such care, Your love makes beauty, beauty from my tears
Your love sustains me and now
I'm aware It's best to be breakable


It's All About Him--2006--3 song demo
Instrument of Praise--2007--10 song cd

Set List

We play mainly original music, with the occasional praise song. Our sets last 90 minutes to 2 hours, but we can go longer if necessary.

Our songs include:

Instrument of Praise
I Must Believe
God's Lullabye
It's All About You
Kiss the Son
Hold Me Rock
Yes I Do
Gena's Song
It's So Quiet
The Shulammite's Song
You've Been So Good to Me