DAMAVOI is aggressive heavy rock with a funk edge, or as we call it, Thrash Funk! Think the Red Hot Chili Peppers meets System of a Down who then meets Primus.


DAMAVOI (Dah-Mah-Voy) is a So Cal based band with an energetic sound style called, Thrash Funk!

Influences: Faith No More, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Primus, 311, System of a Down, Fishbone, Mr, Bungle, (early) Incubus, Tool, and Rage Against the Machine.

Achievements in 2008:

In their very short existence the band has exploded into the Southern California music scene with a hugh impact by:

*Performing wild, entertaining live shows that consistently attract more and more fans

*Self-producing their full length album, "The War is Ordered" on their own start up label, Baron Von Sloth Records

*Being awarded the prestigious "Track of the Day" award for not 1, but 3 of their songs ("Carcass", "Throw Up", and "Constant Pain") on the critically and industry acclaimed website for showcasing new independent music, GarageBand.com

*Being featured on the popular "Scrawny Johnnie's Music Show", a Time-Warner cable TV show airing in the Los Angeles area

*Having a write up & photo published in an upcoming issue of No Cover magazine, a nationally distributed music magazine that focuses on hot new music from the underground to the mainstream

*Receiving airplay of the songs, "Carcass", "Suzie Hears Someone Knock" and "Constant Pain" on terrestrial and internet radio stations such as 92.9 FM in Santa Barbara, CA, and Indie 104, the most popular internet radio station in Los Angeles

*Ash (guitar) becoming an endorsed artist of VHT Amplification, a high-end professional guitar amplifier company based in Burbank, CA


DAMAVOI was born out of destruction. When most people give up and go home, these four thrash monsters reformed and regrouped to reformulate one of Southern California’s most anticipated musical groups of 2008. Starting off with a roughly recorded 4 song demo, which Ashton (Guitar) played for friends to receive feedback, he began to realize that he was slowly gaining momentum and actually forming the band, "DAMAVOI" (the name of an impish house troll from Slavic folklore). Ashton gave a copy of this rough demo to his recording pal, Phill (Drums). Phill, who was playing in a couple others bands at the time, he instantly decided to quit those projects, and join Ash creating this great new sound. While continuing to pass around the demo, Ash sparked the interest of one of his former band mates, Devin (Bass). Like catching a big wave, Devin dropped in on this breaking curl with full-on low end style. As the music began to take shape, their lineup was completed when “The Almighty Microphone Crusher”, Max (Vocals), began fronting the band. Hailing from Moscow, Russia, Max began to impart tales and traditions of his homeland; one of them was the legend of the “DAMAVOI”. Similar to the Chupacabra from South American folklore, the “DAMAVOI” was blamed for mischievous deeds around the house but was sometimes a helpful spirit. Hence the four-man-funk-thrashers adopted the name as their own.

DAMAVOI maintains an active performance schedule, a huge MySpace presence, increasing album sales & downloads, and is aggressively seeking positive, dedicated, and qualified representation to help them achieve their full potential as a world class professional band.



Written By: Damavoi

Well listen up you unappreciative bastard, your luck's about to begin.
I'm gonna to beet you till your bloody unconscious, scalp and cut of your skin.
Bat in my hand I'm going to hit me grand! I might just give you a brand!
I'm gonna to beet you with your own bloody carcass, cause you deserve all the sin.

Patience finished thoughts diminished and denied
As madness lurked in to my mind.
Gruesome visions got collisioned in my head
Delusioned thoughts just got mislead.

Now take a look you pathetic dull scumbag, your greed's about to combust.
I'm gonna bash your head against a cement slag and spit on your face with disgust.
Foul disgrace you soul will die without trace! Without honor or grace!
You're going to rot just like a deadly infection your soul is gonna erase.


Written By: Damavoi

It's been said! Been written and reread.
It's been told! But the truth just won't unfold.

Little darling watch your step, there is a death wish in your prep.
Theres nine games you'll have to loose, while nine demons tie your noose.
Demon one will be your slave, trying to get you to your grave.
Demon two will steal your soul, demon three will take control.

Death cries through my eyes - cowards weeping in disguise.
Pain fuels all of my hate - I feel so dead it must be fate.

Death is crying through my eyes,
Like cowards weeping in disguise
Pain fuels all my hate!

Demon four will be our pride, as your fate he will decide.
Demon five will be your pain, the sixth is weakness you will gain.
Seventh demon takes your mind, brainwashes and tortures till you're blind.
Demon eight will take your eyes, demon nine will watch you die.

Constant Pain

Written By: Damavoi

Depression is crawling through my skin, the constant thought that every time I cannot win.
I've given up I lost my will another day another pill everything else just sands so still.

Oh doctor please, just tell me I'm diseased so I can go and leave this world alone in peace.
I cannot take anymore pain, and no more drugs can keep me sane.

I've give up.
Now it's just Pain.

Lying! Here dying.
Blood is drying from my veins.
Slaying! Devils playing
God is praying for my pain.

Aggression is pounding through my head I can't control my own made actions that I've led.
I think I've lost sanity, and nothing feels like vanity there's no more hope for remedy.

Constant fear! Nightmare just won't end
Endless pain is ripping through my veins.
Evolution down the drain.
No solution constant pain.

It's My Head

Written By: Damavoi

Empty words and promises have spilled,
Into the gutters of his mind that can't rebuild.
Pleasant thought escaped his broken past.
All that's left is a little hope that he can last.

It's my head I feel mad,
I've been crushed. Am I dead?
It's my head I feel mad
I've been crushed! Am I

I'm feeling kind of mad,
The voices in my head
Are telling me you shall be dead.

A little bit upset,
But these voices in my head
Are telling me you shall be dead.

Suzie Hears Someone Knock

Written By: Damavoi

Friday night at ten o'clock, Suzie hears someone knock.
Thinking it's someone she has been waiting for.
As she opens up the door, she gets thrown down on the floor.
There stands a man she's never seen before.

He says girl let me inside,
I'm gonna make you loose your mind.
There's no need to be irate,
Or I'll have to violate.

I'll use my might you'll start to bite.
I'll loose control you going to have to...

Next time you will know,
And simply ask who's knocking at your...

Who's! That! At the door?
And the dirty funk on your radio
You got to know you got to show
It's all impure.

He says girl take off your dress, there is no need to distress.
I'm not here to cause a squall or to transgress.
We've made love over the phone, and you said you were alone.
I know I'm a stranger but can't we just condone.

He says girl let me inside,
Or I'm gonna loose my mind.
There's no need to be upset,
Or I'll do things I regret.

Now Suzie starts to scream,
Just like in all his dreams.
His eyes get lit with fire.
For that is his desire.

Throw Up

Written By: Damavoi

Sling shots fire through the walls, at decapitated plastic dolls.
Rotten bits of vomit scattered , empty sounds of someones chatter.
Patience please! Where are your matters?
Wait up please. For this!

Wow! Your gonna be dead – they're gonna get us.
My stomach is getting weak! The smell is getting thick!
Wow! You shall be dead – it's probably for better.

It's just your time,to enjoy the slime and all the grime.
As you grow up taste the throw up it's your kind.

Dripping from the Sun

Written By: Damavoi

Hey! Son! - Life has just begun
Red! Blood! - Dripping from the sun.
Stand! Up! - Get with it or be done.
Red! Blood! - Is dripping from the sun.

Violent and unpleasant your whole future seems to be.
In your burning eyes there is only room for apathy.
Cruelty of heart has brought this weight upon your soul.
And don't you blame society, for every time you-

Fall down to your knees
Praying to the god that you have deceived.
Wake up there is no second chance.
No one cares. It's common sense.

Violent and unpleasant your whole meaning seems to me.
In your burning eyes there's only room for apathy.
Cruelty of life has brought this torture upon your soul.
And don't you blame society, for every time you-

Everyone is Burning

Written By: Damavoi

Burning flesh! - The rotten stench has filled the air and made it gash.
Suddenly! - The desert's burning and it just seems so properly.

Well just dress up for occasion no need for invitation you can come with us and join the debris.
We will march in a quire ceremony of fire! Come burning with me!

Everyone is burning! All the hypocrites are churning.
What is this town without fakeness and lies.
When everyone knows that tomorrow they'll die.

Falling ash! - Has filled the city right on top of malignant trash.
Suddenly! - Humanity is asking what have we come to be.

But when the smog in the sky starts burning.
The city streets will transform into ash.
Defiled brown haze kills are ignorant faith.
As humanity falls into craze.

Defiled haze fills the sky!
Clouds start to putrefy!

The War is Ordered

Written By: Damavoi

Suddenly I see the meaning of life slowly drifting away from my hands.
Unrecognized fear and makeup that's smeared is stalking her sinful descent.

War has been ordered by minds of disorder and planned for distorted revenge.
Now that her fear is becoming unclear her mind is all set to avenge.
Confident stroke! Mind that awoke. Sure way to keep her at craze.
Plotted by brains that are always in pain, and ready for mindless revenge.

The war is ordered
Her eyes are looking ill.
The surgeons orders
You always shoot to kill

Suddenly I see that pain is my life as it follows me right to my grave.
No longer I fear the surgeons knife's sear as he cuts through y rotting remains.

Blood soaked!
Her mind awoke!

Happiness Ain't Free

Written By: Damavoi

This is the land of the brave and the free people are slaves.
But there's opportunities. Where someone with the upper hand takes you possibilities.
And everyone seems happy, but happiness ain't free.
Not in this cruel land that we all call hypocrisy!

It seems a bit suspicious. This no question policy.
And don't you get ambitious. Because guilty is your plea.

They said go out and get rich you've got your freedom of speech.
Just don't you dare preach. Your votes and your believes all seem to count but don't stitch.
An all these doors can open, but you don't have the key.
This nations liberty and justice is just not yours it's just not free.

You worked all life for poverty.
With no chance of prosperity.
Your hopes and dreams in the land of free,
Just knocked you on your knees.


The War is Ordered - 2008 LP

Songs with airplay:
Constant Pain
Suzie Hears Someone Knock

Set List

Set: 45 min
Throw Up
It's My Head
Constant Pain
Suzie Hears Someone Knock
Happiness Ain't Free
The War is Ordered
Dripping from the Sun
Everyone is Burning