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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Track Of The Day Award "Carcass""

Carcass "Track of the Day" - garageband.com

"Track Of The Day Award "Constant Pain""

Constant Pain "Track Of The Day" - garageband.com

"Track Of The Day Award "Throw Up""

Throw Up "Track Of The Day Award" - garageband.com

""...funky mellowness mixed in with some crazy metal ...""

Wisconsin, USA 04/25/08 - Zerogauge Music Review

""...Sounds like System of a Down, 311...""

Montreal, Quebec, Canada 04/23/08 - Jeff Q - Critique Musique

""...the funk influence and energy of Mr. Bungle...""

Groton, Mass. USA 04/10/08 - Nicky Cardone - MassMusic

""...Sounds like Zappa, Primus and Korn got together for a jam....""

Laois, Ireland 03/25/08 - Barfly


The War is Ordered - 2008 LP

Songs with airplay:
Constant Pain
Suzie Hears Someone Knock



DAMAVOI (Dah-Mah-Voy) is a So Cal based band with an energetic sound style called, Thrash Funk!

Influences: Faith No More, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Primus, 311, System of a Down, Fishbone, Mr, Bungle, (early) Incubus, Tool, and Rage Against the Machine.

Achievements in 2008:

In their very short existence the band has exploded into the Southern California music scene with a hugh impact by:

*Performing wild, entertaining live shows that consistently attract more and more fans

*Self-producing their full length album, "The War is Ordered" on their own start up label, Baron Von Sloth Records

*Being awarded the prestigious "Track of the Day" award for not 1, but 3 of their songs ("Carcass", "Throw Up", and "Constant Pain") on the critically and industry acclaimed website for showcasing new independent music, GarageBand.com

*Being featured on the popular "Scrawny Johnnie's Music Show", a Time-Warner cable TV show airing in the Los Angeles area

*Having a write up & photo published in an upcoming issue of No Cover magazine, a nationally distributed music magazine that focuses on hot new music from the underground to the mainstream

*Receiving airplay of the songs, "Carcass", "Suzie Hears Someone Knock" and "Constant Pain" on terrestrial and internet radio stations such as 92.9 FM in Santa Barbara, CA, and Indie 104, the most popular internet radio station in Los Angeles

*Ash (guitar) becoming an endorsed artist of VHT Amplification, a high-end professional guitar amplifier company based in Burbank, CA


DAMAVOI was born out of destruction. When most people give up and go home, these four thrash monsters reformed and regrouped to reformulate one of Southern California’s most anticipated musical groups of 2008. Starting off with a roughly recorded 4 song demo, which Ashton (Guitar) played for friends to receive feedback, he began to realize that he was slowly gaining momentum and actually forming the band, "DAMAVOI" (the name of an impish house troll from Slavic folklore). Ashton gave a copy of this rough demo to his recording pal, Phill (Drums). Phill, who was playing in a couple others bands at the time, he instantly decided to quit those projects, and join Ash creating this great new sound. While continuing to pass around the demo, Ash sparked the interest of one of his former band mates, Devin (Bass). Like catching a big wave, Devin dropped in on this breaking curl with full-on low end style. As the music began to take shape, their lineup was completed when “The Almighty Microphone Crusher”, Max (Vocals), began fronting the band. Hailing from Moscow, Russia, Max began to impart tales and traditions of his homeland; one of them was the legend of the “DAMAVOI”. Similar to the Chupacabra from South American folklore, the “DAMAVOI” was blamed for mischievous deeds around the house but was sometimes a helpful spirit. Hence the four-man-funk-thrashers adopted the name as their own.

DAMAVOI maintains an active performance schedule, a huge MySpace presence, increasing album sales & downloads, and is aggressively seeking positive, dedicated, and qualified representation to help them achieve their full potential as a world class professional band.