Dam Brino

Dam Brino

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

If Diana Ross got lost in a Disney forest and bumped into Karen Carpenter hanging out with Massive Attack. Or you could just call the music of Dam Brino: Indie Soul.


At the apex of whatever, her majesty was known as "Truck Driver." Or..."The Royal Lush," respectfully. She has since acquired the nicknames Edith Soccer Shoes, Hurricane Dambrino, and also Pickle Nose was given to her in the third grade due to her vehement flaring of the nostrils. This, perhaps, is not as cool as one roomy's prison nickname - Gangsta Bitch Barbie. Or her Rockette roomy at Miss America nickname "legs" (luckily "hammer toes" was still available but rarely used - no one wants to be a heel). Eh. you can't win 'em all. So instead of picking her pickle nose, she went with something else.

Once she sang in front of Oprah Winfrey. Also, she received a thank you letter from Stephen Sondheim - just for "Being Alive." She's even frantically danced in a Speedo on national television (whilst chewing remnants of cookie). She's never changed a diaper, though.

Google her. It tickles.

When she was young, she asked Santa for a metal detector, a mummy, samurai sword, yellow power ranger costume, and a life size Jesus. She now has those things. But it took a long hard runway to get them.

The ethereal, brooding, manically emotive, visceral influences that imbue her musical complexities are:
Being influenced, Not being under the influence, and accepting that you aren't as influential as you think.
And world peace.


Swallow the Key (2011)

Set List

Leave the Fight On
Original Face
Good Night White Knight
Kissing In October
I Want Everything
Swallow the Key
One Foot Out the Door

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