Dame is a bone-crushing rock trio with big choruses, hard- hitting guitar riffs and power-house vocals. At 15 to 17 years of age, their playing and songwriting is more than mature: It kicks ass. Recommended if you like Audioslave with chunks of Iron Maiden.



Dame Fever – Catch It!
By Laurie Lonsdale

Progressive, aggressive, young and inspired, with a lot of talent and attitude – that’s DAME, the all-girl power trio from Brampton, Ontario, who are quickly earning a loyal fan following, as well as deserved recognition. The unpretentious threesome is headed-up by adorable and genial Katee Lee, who plays bass and, at just shy of sixteen years old, provides astounding vocals far beyond her years. At seventeen, attractive Faye Moreau has a serious and sober approach to playing live, but can easily lay down a killer guitar riff that’ll leave you begging for more. And the youngest of the group, cutesy Kayla Faye at fifteen years old is nothing less captivating to watch, as she punishes the drums and loses herself in the lyrics.

Together the girls have grabbed the attention of several music magazines and celebrities, including The Hour’s talk show host George Stroumboulopoulos. He speaks highly and often of the band, features their song “Cyclops” on his My Space page, and plays their music regularly on his Sunday night radio show. They’ve also won the respect of veteran producer, songwriter, and musician Greg Godovitz. As talk show host of CFRB’s Rock Talk and founder of the band Goddo, Greg has said, “As far as I'm concerned their age and gender doesn't factor into the overall equation. They can play, sing, and write as good, if not better, than most acts in their musical genre. These guys (?) rock!" His comment is astute, for these girls can hold their own and play with any of the male-dominated progressive rock bands out there, and not miss a beat. To further that point, Bob Donovan of indieintune.com, known as the Indie Bible, says, "This band can lay down a groove and kick out some serious sound with ease. If there is a young band out there today that can thrust women into the spotlight in the rock scene, it will be Dame!" The prediction is well-founded.

Then there’s me. I originally covered this band for another music publication, and instantly became a fan. Now I find myself following their career and cheering for them as they expand into playing at such prominent Toronto clubs as the Rivoli, the Kathedral, Rock ‘n Roll Heaven, and the Reverb, as well as at their regular haunt, the Lost Lounge in Mississauga, which will host birthday shows for both Faye and Katee in February and March respectively. I was pleased to see the band clean up in the garageband.com competition, wherein their single “Intervention” swept every imaginable progressive rock category during the last week of ’07. What a way to end a successful year! They deserved such kudos, and further earned their place in the Top 100 Best Rated Artists from the Scout Room, coming in at number 46 out of the 688 artists entered. With an upcoming episode on Friday Night Live, that includes a performance and interview, and talks in place to play an all-girl bands benefit for abuse at The Guvernment club in Toronto, Dame are making their presence known.

As they continue to work hard at turning their current EP “Intervention” into a full-fledged CD, the girls are ecstatic to watch their fan base growing, with plenty of tribute clips and live footage being added to You Tube, and followers everywhere, including a few soldiers in Iraq, forwarding pictures of themselves in Dame T-shirts. The sincere way in which they handle their fans is a testament to the fact that they have their feet firmly planted on the ground and don’t intend to let the attention go to their heads, especially knowing there’s more work to be done. But in between the toil of rehearsals, photo shoots and interviews, and churning out new music, they love to play live and it shows. So, with little to do during this long and miserable winter season, jump on Dame’s My Space page www.myspace.com/dameband and peruse their generous list of upcoming shows. Then get out there and check out one closest to you. Have no fear of the cold or flu viruses that make the rounds this time of year, ‘cuz there’s only one contagious bug that’s likely to affect you - Dame Fever – catch it!!

Check out Dame at www.myspace.com/dameband. Please address all inquiries to Jacquie Lee of Velvet Karma Productions. dame-theband@hotmail.com

By Laurie Lonsdale
Author and Journalist



EP - Intervention (2007)
all tracks streamed on our myspace
Played on Edge 102.01 in Toronto

As heard on many internet radio stations across the world.

Set List

Our sets are usually 45 minutes
We play the songs from our EP and right now, we have added 3 new tracks.

Covers we might throw in are
Hypnotize - System of A Down cover
Du Hast - Rammstein cover