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"Intune Publishers Choice Awards"


Brampton, Ontario Canada

By: Bob Donovan
I remember back when Hanson was all the rage and everyone was saying how good they were for their young age. However, Hanson was “kids stuff” compared to the incredible power, overall sound and musicianship of the 3-piece all female act from Canada known as DAME. Recording material on their new debut when they were 14, 15 and 16 years old, these intense women of rock get down and take care of business without shelling out cute, commercial fluff for the tiny boppers! I tell you, these girls ROCK and their talent and musical style is far beyond their young years!
Although totally professional in every way, to DAME, it’s not about the business of music – it’s about the music itself and making sure they give their fans something that’s in their face, hard heavy and yet melodic; most of all…, something to remember! Whether you hear their recorded works or see them live, DAME have no problem delivering!
With this band, there is no such thing as covering up inadequacies with layers of effects… These girls are musicians true to form with abilities equal to or above that of seasoned musicians twice their age. I’m impressed with, both, their writing ability and their performance of the material they write.
These girls work hard, not only with their music, but getting the band’s name out and making sure their material is heard! I can’t tell you the number of good bands that fall by the wayside simply because they are too lazy to work at getting their name out there. “We don’t need to do flyers or update our page… Our music speaks for itself” is the cry of looser that I’ve heard time and time again. However, DAME, on the other hand, get’s out there and makes their presence known! Dedication, determination and commitment equals SUCCESS! Have colossal talent to top it off sure helps!
As a strong supporter of women in music, when I accidently came across their MySpace icon on another band’s Friend List on MySpace, I simply had to check them out. As anyone who uses MySpace knows, when you arrive on a band’s page (when MySpace is working right) the music player starts and begins playing one of the band’s songs. When I arrived on DAME’s page this was the case. Just as I started reading a little bit on the band the song “Cyclops” started playing and I just had to spot reading and listen. It was simply intense! Great musicianship, performance, writing, and KILLER vocals! I simply thought WOW! The sound f success!
When the song finished I clicked over to another song and again began reading about the band. As “Hey Angel” started playing again I was forced to sit back in amazement and just listen…. It wasn’t until after I hear 3 of the band’s songs that I actually got to read about them. What I learned just blew me away even further! When those songs were recorded the three (that’s right, 3) members of the band were 14, 15 and 16 years old!
On Drums was the youngest of the three girls in the band, Kayla at age 14 with some incredibly powerful beatin’ on the drums for someone her age and size. Katee plays bass and belts out some incredibly soulful and bluesy rock vocalsthat will astonish you at age 15. Then there was this incredibly intense and precise guitar work with killer rhythms and strategically placed passionate leads being performed by 16 year old Faye! I nearly fell over in disbelief! I had to look around for more information to confirm this before finally believing it!
Instantly I was in love with this band because of the totally awesome music they wrote and performed with such passion. That coupled with the fact that I was so impressed they were pulling it off at such a young age! I wasn’t impressed because they were girls because I know women are capable of being intense musicians and there are many out there who are. However, like their Canadian counterpart “RUSH,” finding three totally intense musicians that fit and work so well together is nearly unheard of! I was pleased that 3 women of such caliper had come together to form a band that delivers such quality music to their fans.
It’s because these three women of such talent found each other and put together such a band that I’ve chosen them as Best All Female Act.
It’s because of DAME’s writing and performance Ability and the quality of the material they perform along with the passion behind it that I chose them as Best Rock Act.
Last but not least, it was the combination of the two reasons mentioned above for chosing them as Best Female Act and Best Rock Act coupled with the energy behind the band, their dedication commitment and desire that I chose DAME as Most Likely To Succeed.
If you live in the Ontario area of Canada and have a passion for awesome music, I urge you to go see DAME - INtune Magazne Bob Donovan


When hearing a fan favorite by Dame, Cyclops, you get a taste of the depth and the amazing talent that overwhelms this group. The force that Katee projects with her voice demonstrates the strong passionate lyrics that can drive through other female bands. Think Kelly Clarkson with a more raspier, gothier tone. The hard-hitting instrumentals by Kayla and Faye’s talent on guitars and drums give the band an Iron Maiden attraction, but their final result can only be described as their own unique sound. It's shocking and inspiring to know how multitalented this trio truly is.
Age is never a factor when it comes to a group that knows how to rock hard and sing with passion along with their epic lyrics. Kayla, 14 (drums), Faye, 16 (guitar), Katee, 15 (vocals/bass) form Dame. Three strong female warriors prepared to take on any challenge thrown their way. All from Brampton Ontario, they met through a mutual friend at the Heritage Theater and the rest is history. Their late night jam sessions, and non-stop recording demonstrates their passion and motivation to create their own sound in order to satisfy their fans. Even with all the hard work they still keep a positive attitude with the help of their sense of humor, passion and laid back perspective. Dame separates themselves from other girl bands because they aren’t easily influenced by stereotypes. In our exclusive interview with the band, we learn that they are thankful to their close-knit families for their influence toward their growing careers as musicians.
The girls Kayla, Faye and Katee are normal high school students who have exams but still find the time to balance both.
“It’s kinda overwhelming sometimes but you always have something to do” Spoken like true and humble rock stars.
“It’s not like what TV channel am I going to watch today? You know what you’re going to do, so that’s cool.” Their main goal artistically is to create music that can relate to others without having to compromise their talents to get far in the industry. Dame’s music is founded on hard rock alternative; their main inspirations are Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, and Tool. They also appreciate different genres of music such as Ska and punk. Being a Canadian girl group their Canadian favorites are Dali Circus, Keepin’6 and Alexisionfire to name a few. When going to Dame’s shows their fans offer a non-judgmental environment complete with piercings and non-violent moshing: a unique crowd that have been mesmerized by Dame’s energy. The girls confidence toward the indie rocks scene create their wide spread fan base in Canada.

Names Brampton’s Best Rock Group in 2006, there is no doubt that Dame will keep their title with the help of their loyal fans. Dame has already done so much in the span of a year and a half to make their music known. Dame’s newest addition is their manager/producer is lead singer of jacksoul, Haydain Neale (winner of Best R&B recording in the 2007 Junos) and also the president of the Songwriters Association of Canada.
In the near future when Dame releases their new single, the public will be captured by the passion behind their sound and soulfulness of their lead singer. Even a simple ballad highlights Katee’s powerful vocals that evoke maturity and skill.
Each member has their own unique talent which will definitely contribute to their success. Dame will have to keep showing their strengths musically and singing positively tin order to rise to the top in the music industry. From what we’ve heard, there’s no doubt that they will.
Their popularity now on the indie circuit is only a glimpse into the success for Dame.their creative edge and drive to succeed will give their competition much to pursue. You may say, they’ve got what it takes, where many new bands won’t make it, they’ve got the stuff that makes a legendary trio.
Michaella Di Felice , Amazing Canadian Magazine


"Destined for Success"

DAME – Destined for Success

The dictionary defines “dame” as “female deserving of respect and acknowledgment”, and when it comes to the band “DAME” you can BET that the same meaning applies. Comprised of Katee, age 15 – vocals & bass, Kayla, age 15 – drums, and Faye, age 16 – guitar; these young ladies have it all – personality, looks, energy, and an overwhelming amount of raw talent. They also have an all-important and sizeable support system from family and friends, as they strive for success.

The girls met through mutual friends in junior high school, and came together to form a progressive/aggressive rock band that is turning heads, not just because of their age and gender, but more because of their unquestionable ability to write deep, soul-searching lyrics, set them to Faye’s kick-ass guitar riffs and Kayla’s thundering drum beats, and then perform them as though they were seasoned pros. Although all three girls have been playing their respective instruments since the age of six, the band itself has been together only two years. Nevertheless, they are already accustomed to the delicate art of collaboration as they pen new material for their upcoming full-length CD. A 5-song EP titled “Intervention” was just recently released, and is available via their website and at all live shows. Distribution will expand soon. Their inspiration comes from poetry, the news, day to day experiences, and life in general, however dark it may be. Such was the case for their newest offering “Intervention”, a song after which the EP is named, and is about someone close to them and facing problems with addiction. As a result, the individual in question sought help and is in rehab today, pulling strength from the song, which he listens to on a nightly basis. For Katee, additional inspiration comes from her older brother and mentor Nick Lee, the outstanding guitarist for Dali Circus. She’s quick to credit him as the reason she picked up the bass, and points out that living together is like having an on-going jam session, wherein they are able to play off one another at any given time.

Despite the media attention the band is beginning to receive, and regardless of the fans that pack their shows, ages 6 – 66, there is no sign of inflated egos threatening to get in their way. All three girls are charming and certainly well-grounded, and possess a mature understanding of what’s at stake. Their motivation and work ethic comes from a desire to please their fans, as well as the people so generously giving of their time and money, in order to one day see the kind of success that DAME so rightly deserves. They are very appreciative of all their supporters – management and production team, family, friends, and fans included. Clearly they don’t want to disappoint anyone.

And disappoint – they don’t!! Their live show is fun and energetic, boasting such original songs as “Cyclops”, “Hey Angel”, and “Amnesia” to name a few. It’s not often that a band can perform live and so closely imitate their recordings, but DAME manages to do exactly that, proving that what you see is what you get, and not some studio-enhanced production. Katee’s vocal prowess comes through loud and clear on every number she tackles, including covers tunes of Kiss, AC/DC, and System of a Down. Her playful yet hard-rocking delivery of Rammstein’s “Du Hast” is a must-see.

It’s not just fans that are taking note of the potential spilling forth from this talented trio – other bands are also acknowledging the magnetism of these girls, such as Floyd Factor, a well-established Pink Floyd cover band that recently jumped at the chance to share the stage with them. Additionally, George Stroumboulopoulos, host of the nightly talk show “The Hour”, raved about the band on-air, after listening to songs on their MySpace page. He’s quoted as saying, “This girl can sing!” And the line-up of DAME’s upcoming shows is a testament to the fact that they are in demand.

But like most things in life, there is a downside, and the girls are quickly learning that relationships can be strained when the odd case of jealousy arises from outside forces. They’ve also faced the occasional misguided perception of who they are and what they’re all about, which is frustrating for them, and have encountered scenarios in which people close to them cannot be trusted. As tough as these eye-openers may be, it’s good training for what’s to come. They’re learning early how to play the game, and when the big-time comes knocking, they will be well-prepared and ready to take the music industry by storm.

If you haven’t heard of DAME yet, you will, and like their name suggests, it will be because they are deserving of respect and acknowledgment.

Visit DAME at www.myspace.com/dameband

By Laurie Lonsdale

Laurie is a journalist and fiction author. You can visit her at www.myspace.com/laurielonsdale & www.authorsden.com/lauriel - Toronto Exlusive Magazine

"Industry Reviews"

"I listen to a lot of music... She can sing!"
George Stroumboulopoulos. THE HOUR -CBC

'I listened to "Intervention". Holy shit it rocks! I've been waiting for something like this. I think we all have. It's quite original and just... I'm at a loss for words here. I hope to hear more of Dame for sure!"
Brodie(Flea Market Creep),Zahayna, Manitoba, Canada

'As far as I'm concerned their age and gender doesn't factor into the overall equation. They can play, sing, and write as good if not better than most acts in their musical genre. These guys(?) rock!"
Greg Godovitz. CFRB ROCK RADIO, founder of Goddo

"This band can seriously lay down a groove and kick out some serious sound with ease. IF there is a young band out there today that can thrust women into the spotlight in the rock scene it will be Dame!"
Bob Donovan, www.indieintune.com

"It's not often that a band or vocalist can perform live and so closely imitate their studio recordings. But Dame managed to do just that, so I was blown away, especially by Katee's vocal prowess - what a set of pipes!!! These girls have it all - energy, personality, and most of all, raw talent."
Laurie Lonsdale, journalist, TORONTO EXCLUSIVE MAGAZINE, author WILD SIDE

"a no-holds-barred kickass progressive aggressive rock band, three girls from Brampton, Ontario who play songs with big choruses, hard-hitting guitar riffs and powerhouse bass and vocals."
PJ Murphy, Ireland, Webmaster of PJs Guitar Chords and Lyrics website , and Guitar Chords and Lyrics blog

- various

"GARAGEBAND.COM AWARDS up to March 2008"

Garageband.com Awards
Track of the Day Dec 25 2007
Trace of The Week March 1 - 8 2008/
Best Female Vocals overall, week of 31Dec2007
Best Female Vocals in Progressive Rock, week of 31Dec2007
Best Guitars in Progressive Rock, week of 31Dec2007
Best Drums in Progressive Rock, week of 31Dec2007
Best Bass in Progressive Rock, week of 31Dec2007
Best Lyrics overall, week of 31Dec2007
Best Lyrics in Progressive Rock, week of 31Dec2007
Best Melody in Progressive Rock, week of 31Dec2007
Best Mood in Progressive Rock, week of 31Dec2007
Most Original in Progressive Rock, week of 31Dec2007
Feel Good Track in Progressive Rock, week of 31Dec2007
Rocking Track in Progressive Rock, week of 31Dec2007
Best Female Vocals in Progressive Rock, week of 7Jan2008
Best Bass in Progressive Rock, week of 7Jan2008
Best Lyrics in Progressive Rock, week of 7Jan2008
Rocking Track in Progressive Rock, week of 7Jan2008
Best Female Vocals in Progressive Rock, week of 21Jan2008
Best Drums in Progressive Rock, week of 21Jan2008
Best Bass in Progressive Rock, week of 21Jan2008
Best Beat in Progressive Rock, week of 21Jan2008
Best Female Vocals in Progressive Rock, week of 28Jan2008
Best Female Vocals in Progressive Rock, week of 4Feb2008
Best Bass in Progressive Rock, week of 4Feb2008
Best Female Vocals in Progressive Rock, week of 18Feb2008
Best Guitars in Progressive Rock, week of 18Feb2008

Track of The Week Feb 5 2008
Best Female Vocals in Hard Rock, week of 14Jan2008
Best Female Vocals in Hard Rock, week of 28Jan2008
Best Female Vocals in Hard Rock, week of 4Feb2008
Best Female Vocals in Hard Rock, week of 18Feb2008

- www.garageband.com


EP - Intervention (2007)
all tracks streamed on our myspace
Played on Edge 102.01 in Toronto

As heard on many internet radio stations across the world.




Dame Fever – Catch It!
By Laurie Lonsdale

Progressive, aggressive, young and inspired, with a lot of talent and attitude – that’s DAME, the all-girl power trio from Brampton, Ontario, who are quickly earning a loyal fan following, as well as deserved recognition. The unpretentious threesome is headed-up by adorable and genial Katee Lee, who plays bass and, at just shy of sixteen years old, provides astounding vocals far beyond her years. At seventeen, attractive Faye Moreau has a serious and sober approach to playing live, but can easily lay down a killer guitar riff that’ll leave you begging for more. And the youngest of the group, cutesy Kayla Faye at fifteen years old is nothing less captivating to watch, as she punishes the drums and loses herself in the lyrics.

Together the girls have grabbed the attention of several music magazines and celebrities, including The Hour’s talk show host George Stroumboulopoulos. He speaks highly and often of the band, features their song “Cyclops” on his My Space page, and plays their music regularly on his Sunday night radio show. They’ve also won the respect of veteran producer, songwriter, and musician Greg Godovitz. As talk show host of CFRB’s Rock Talk and founder of the band Goddo, Greg has said, “As far as I'm concerned their age and gender doesn't factor into the overall equation. They can play, sing, and write as good, if not better, than most acts in their musical genre. These guys (?) rock!" His comment is astute, for these girls can hold their own and play with any of the male-dominated progressive rock bands out there, and not miss a beat. To further that point, Bob Donovan of indieintune.com, known as the Indie Bible, says, "This band can lay down a groove and kick out some serious sound with ease. If there is a young band out there today that can thrust women into the spotlight in the rock scene, it will be Dame!" The prediction is well-founded.

Then there’s me. I originally covered this band for another music publication, and instantly became a fan. Now I find myself following their career and cheering for them as they expand into playing at such prominent Toronto clubs as the Rivoli, the Kathedral, Rock ‘n Roll Heaven, and the Reverb, as well as at their regular haunt, the Lost Lounge in Mississauga, which will host birthday shows for both Faye and Katee in February and March respectively. I was pleased to see the band clean up in the garageband.com competition, wherein their single “Intervention” swept every imaginable progressive rock category during the last week of ’07. What a way to end a successful year! They deserved such kudos, and further earned their place in the Top 100 Best Rated Artists from the Scout Room, coming in at number 46 out of the 688 artists entered. With an upcoming episode on Friday Night Live, that includes a performance and interview, and talks in place to play an all-girl bands benefit for abuse at The Guvernment club in Toronto, Dame are making their presence known.

As they continue to work hard at turning their current EP “Intervention” into a full-fledged CD, the girls are ecstatic to watch their fan base growing, with plenty of tribute clips and live footage being added to You Tube, and followers everywhere, including a few soldiers in Iraq, forwarding pictures of themselves in Dame T-shirts. The sincere way in which they handle their fans is a testament to the fact that they have their feet firmly planted on the ground and don’t intend to let the attention go to their heads, especially knowing there’s more work to be done. But in between the toil of rehearsals, photo shoots and interviews, and churning out new music, they love to play live and it shows. So, with little to do during this long and miserable winter season, jump on Dame’s My Space page www.myspace.com/dameband and peruse their generous list of upcoming shows. Then get out there and check out one closest to you. Have no fear of the cold or flu viruses that make the rounds this time of year, ‘cuz there’s only one contagious bug that’s likely to affect you - Dame Fever – catch it!!

Check out Dame at www.myspace.com/dameband. Please address all inquiries to Jacquie Lee of Velvet Karma Productions. dame-theband@hotmail.com

By Laurie Lonsdale
Author and Journalist