Da Melaninated SoulJaHz

Da Melaninated SoulJaHz

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Da Melaninated SoulJaHz consist of Beyond Life Super Ghost Producer and the lyricist Da GoD Iseer. This group brings out the Best of Hip-Hop with melodic music and hot lyrics. People say that they are a mixture of Dead Prez and Zion I. Look forward to hearing there music very soon,,,,,,,, Black Funk


Our music is Hip-Hop Music in it's purest form. We bring forth lyrics that paints a perfect picture and give vivid image of things that are going on in our world today. We focus on Social events and things that spark thought in our daily living. Da Melaninated SoulJaHz are 2 of the hottest indie artists in Hip-Hop. If you enjoy original styles and sounds, this is the group for you. We specialize in moving the crowd and sparking thought. We are Black Funk Entertainment, be ready to be ENTERTAINED.....


Beyond Life has ghost produced for many artists from indie artists to a few major artists. Beyond says that meeting Da GoD Iseer was the greatest joy to his Hip-hop career. Stating that The voice of Da GoD Iseer, goes perfectly with his productions making a melodic sound that is sure to change hip-hop forever.
Right now they are working on releasing 2 albums 1) Da Bishop's Movements with the first 2 singles being "A.B.L.S (A Blackman's Love Song)' and "Closer to GoD". If you like smooth music and lyrics that paint pictures, please go cop this CD. There are 13 songs on this album that will make your audio system smile. The sophomore album is called " Kemetic Science" this CD will be the first all Beyond Life produced Melaninated SoulJaHz Album. This is a album that was birthed to give the people esoteric Hip-Hop which has been labeled as travelling music. You can tune into www.blogtalkrdio.com/WBFR every Saturday night 9pm EST to hear music from Black Funk Records and other G-7 artists.

Set List

Most of our songs are no longer than 5 minutes. Especially if they are songs with lyricz. Afromentalz may very because it is Good Music and you can not put a time limit on a Hot Beatz.