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Da Menace brings hardcore streets to family man reality to his album. His sound is nurtured by East coast rap, which he loves, but laced by his Southern roots. Set One Records has a music library complete with original beats, hard raps, sultry R & B and songs your mama can enjoy


As founder of Set One Records, Da Menace set his sights on bringing mayhem to the music industry. He knew early on that he was destined to be a major figure in the rap game. Early mornings on the bus stop to Stuart Middle School young Monte’ “Tay” Glover would spit bars to his partners, entertaining them throughout the school day. Norman, Tays’ uncle, engineered the music that began them on the path of actual song making. Tay then hooked up with Chuck “Lil’ Chuck” Reed and formed Double H Posse, who rose in the ranks of the high school rap scene when they won the Valley High School talent show with their original material, “Something Funky 4 Your Eardrums”, and “Hit Da Skinz”. While in high school he worked on honing his skills as a twister, freestyle battling on the block gaining popularity as a local rapper.

After high school Tay went to barber school and received his Master Barber license and began his first endeavor in entrepreneurship and opened his first barbershop. Once the barbershop became self-sustaining he then made the decision to go to Western Kentucky University, where he really was able to work on his content and writing and soon began battling against other student rappers in night class. This gave him the drive to work harder to become the best lyrical artist he could and thus was born Da Menace. Tay stayed one semester at WKU before returning to Louisville to tend to his entrepreneurial venture and also as a young father he recognized the need to be near his daughter.

Da Menace and his camp, Set One, began working more closely with Norman Collins and Eric Austin, who were the groups’ managers. They showed them important aspects of the music industry such as writing, publishing, marketing, and the ups, downs and struggles of an artist. Da Menace and Set One began working on “For Your Radio” when tragedy struck the group, in late 1997, with the passing of one of the groups’ managers, Norman. This struck Da Menace extremely deep; he not only lost his manager but his uncle and best friend. However, this tragedy did not prevent Da Menace from pursuing their dream; this gave him the determination to work hard to complete the album. The group worked diligently on the project dropping their debut album, “For Your Radio” in early 1998.

Catching buzz around Louisville, Nicky D, the owner of No Love Records, noticed the young Menace and immediately sought to sign him to a 2 year contract. While signed to No Love he worked on several projects, completing Set One’s sophomore album “Get Rich” in 1999, followed by Da Menace’s solo album in 2001 “Confessing Sins”. After completing the terms of his contract he decided he would embark on starting his own record label, Set One Records, in 2005.

2005 proven to be a prosperous year for Da Menace as ¼ of the dynamic group Set One along with Chuck “B-Boy” Reed, Fred “G-Sharp” Thomas, and Art “Soulja” Groves as they stayed busy on the road, performing with independent artist to mainstream artist to music industry veterans. Consistently performing allowed them to build their fan base outside of the Louisville, KY area and gave them a broader audience to market their underground CD and mixtape. Set One is currently working on their next album, “Crunch Time”, to be released in early Fall ’06, with Da Menace solo joint, “Braggin’ Rights” to follow in late 2006.

Da Menace started performing as early as middle school; he then realized he was born to perform on a stage in front of crowds. Building on his dream to not only perform, but succeed in the music industry he started Set One Records and has begun to work with new and upcoming artist. Since his first taste of the music industry he has not stopped, from Louisville, KY to Lima, OH to Nashville, TN to your block in your hood, Da Menace is coming.

2005/2006 At A Glance

March 2005
The Roxy – Nashville, TN
Opened for Trillville

May 2005
Club 502 – Louisville, KY
Opened for Dem Franchise Boyz

July 2005
Nuttin’ But Wangs Sports Bar & Grill – Sheffield, AL
Opened for Dirrty

September 2005
The Gate – Louisville, KY
Opened for Choppa

November 2005
Club Oasis – Louisville, KY
Performed for Bad Boy Representatives

March 2006
O’Malley’s Corner – Louisville, KY
Opened for Too Short

March 2006
2nd Place Winner - WinAMusicVideo.com Contest
Sponsored by Stremelyne Productions

March 2006
The Cut – Nashville, TN
Headliner sponsored by Smash Entertainment

April 2006
Expo 5 – Louisville, KY
Opened for Dem Franchise Boyz

April 2006
Expo 5 – Louisville, KY
Opened for Gucci Mane

May 2006
Petrus Nightclub & Restaurant – Louisville, KY
UPN New Artist Showcase

May 2006
John Henry’s – Nashville, TN
Smash Entertainment RealTalk Showcase


Previously released material by Da Menace was released locally in Louisville, KY, sales did very well and brought about shows with mainstream artists.

Group Albums - Set One
"For Your Radio" - 1998
"Get Rich" - 2000

Solo Albums - Da Menace
"Confessing Sins" - 2001
"I Want In" - Coming October 2006

Set List

The average show is 12-15 minutes with 4-5 songs. Songs to be performed:
1. Rock Da Party
2. Got That In
3. B Good 2 U
4. Real Talk
5. I Want In