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Dames Dean

New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
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Dames Dean @ Retreat Lounge

NY, New York, USA

NY, New York, USA

Dames Dean @ Iguana New York

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA



Normally I'd be insulted to have the "B" word hurdled at me - but this is The Nik Damez interview and he is what he is - so, we'll just keep it movin' (lol).

Straight out of Staten Island, New York and born in Brooklyn, Nik Damez is the new cat in town. He's making moves and taking all prisoners. At twenty-something, he says he's
Nik Damez
"pretty new to the music industry - but not for long." His brand of mix-tapes, re-mixes and original music are all setting him apart from the rest. Nik was nominated best Hip Hop artist on Staten Island by AWE (advance weekly entertainment) along side members of the Wu-Tang clan.

He's got Eminem "swagga" with James Dean good looks and after meeting him and hearing his music, you'll have to agree that this dude is headed straight to the top! When asked why we haven't heard about him, Nik simply responds; "Dont worry. We bout to fix that 4 you."

In a recent conversation with Nik "BMI CERTIFIED" Damez, I had the opportunity to ask a few questions and play a little game of word association with him. So here's how it all went down -

Saba, Ink: Nik Damez

Nik Damez: A rarity. I don't feel above anyone but I'm definitely cut from a cloth that no one has seen before.

Saba, Ink: Sexy

Nik Damez: Hmmm. Sexy can be alot of things. It can be a Mercedes 600s with cherry wood grain and custom interior. Or it can be a caramel skinned girl in sumthin' lace with the garter belts. Sexy is a broad word. I think the majority of the time sexy is whatever is pleasing to your eye's.

Saba, Ink: Swagga

Nik Damez: No one on the corner got it like mine ; )

Saba,Ink: Stillettos

Nik Damez: Super sexy if the right pair of legs are wearing them.

Saba, Ink: Hip Hop Masters

Nik Damez: Ghost Face, Nas, Jay-Z, Eminem, Canibus - all artists I feel mastered the art of wordplay in their own way.

Saba, Ink: Music Industry

Nik Damez: I haven't been in the industry too long. But I'm cool with a few of the executive's I've met so far. Most of the lower level players/employees at record labels are fake like Canal St. Gucci
and wouldn't talk to people the way they do if they weren't in some kind of position of power. Alot of people get angry about the frauds and fakes that are in the industry, I dont mind so much. I find them entertaining, like driving real slow past a train wreck kind of entertaining.

Saba, Ink: MovieStar

Nik Damez: Indeed, Matter fact my first paying gig I was an extra on the set of the movie "BELLY." I was only like 13-14 at the time. Friends snuck me in. I ended up getting to chill-out all day on set with Nas an DMX. Ever since then I had the acting bug.

Saba, Ink: "Ride or Die"

Nik Damez: Depends on who I'm riding for. I've done some serious dirt for people that weren't prepared to do the same for me when the time came. I'm real careful on where I put my loyalty now.

Saba, Ink: "Yo Momma"

Nik Damez: So stupid she got stabbed in a shoot out.

Saba, Ink: Image

Nik Damez: Weighs heavy with me, maybe too much. If I have a show in the city, I'd rather walk there than pull up in a hooptie. If I have a meeting, performance,Q&A etc. and I don't have the money to get fresh from head to toe, ill probably cut yo ass to get it. (just kiddin)

Saba, Ink: Your Honey or Honeys

Nik Damez: I'm married to my career right now. Relationships can be either the most helpful thing or the worst thing for a career. And for me relationships have been poisonous. When I get grey, I'll calm down but for now its a party.

Saba, Ink: Success

Nik Damez: If you have these attributes than you're already on the road to success. You just have to stick by them even when all your chips are down. A strong desire, visualization, concentration, will power, self discipline, Persistence.

Saba, Ink: Power Move

Nik Damez: People use that word wrong. A power move is really a special trick or talent that you use to gain attention (and or) power over your opposition. Oh yeah, I'm a walkin, talking f**kin power move.

Saba, Ink: Respect

Nik Damez: I'm the opposite of the cliché "you gotta give it to get it". When I first meet a person you start off with 100% of my respect (granted, I haven't already heard some s**t about you)
so I work off the deduction system. Every time you do some dumb s**t around me or display questionable character you lose a % of my respect. If you get all the way down to 0% then you get cut off. No contact no nothing. Once you've lost all my respect, I won't even nod my head at you in the street and acknowledge your existence. End of story.

Saba, Ink: Inspiration

Nik Damez: I draw the most inspiration off of other music. Not just Hip Hop. I'll listen to Nirvana, Janis Joplin whatever. If I hear a good song it makes me want to make music.

Saba, Ink: Next Up..

Nik Damez: Who but me? There's been none like me before and there will be none after

- Saba Ink,


"Inde top 50" presented by coast2coast mixtapes
(available on datpiff.com)

"Dames Dean" Industry remixes vol.1
(available on datpiff.com)

Dj Vlad "unsigned starz vol.2"
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Dames Dean is now a brand ambassador for "Mahoney Skateboards"!!!!!! www.mahoneyskateboards.com

••••Recent Appearances••••

Co-host of "Skate down in stapletown" (richmondhood, vans sneakers) (NY1 news)

106&Park "DJ Megatron Tribute show" (BET)

Featured on the cover of "The Inde top 50" mixtape presented by coast2coastmixtapes.com

Recently featured and interviewed on WKRB-90.9 FM, Kingsborough Community College radio with "Jenelle Simone" and the Listening party.

This Brooklyn born, young fresh new artist with a growing buzz from NYC named "Dames Dean" has just begun his stage career in the last 2 years and has opened shows for Universal Records recording artist "Ron Browz" and Bad Boy recording artist "Red Cafe". Energetic and supremely talented, Dames Dean is the full package working towards his break in the industry.

Dames started his career in hiphop on the local blocks of staten island in 2008 when he started exchanging freestyle ryhmes with a good friend by the name of T.K. who at the time was an artist under Queen Latifahs company "Flavor Unit". After some local battles and some local internet networking a small buzz was created and motivated Dean to keep moving towards a professional career in music. Shortly there after, Dean got a chance to show his skills in front of a local legend when hiphop artist "Raekwon" of the "WU Tang clan" organized a local battle on staten island giving Dean the opportunity to get a feel for the stage and get critiqued by a pioneer of the industry. After some encouraging words from Raekwon, Dames decided to work the underground showcase circuit in NYC in 2009 performing in showcases like 50 mics, Faces in the crowd & Drahmah Magazine. Dames took a break from the showcase scene to work on new, more fresh material in 2010 and was featured on VladTv.com with his freestyle video being one of the most viewed videos on the site.

In the past year, Dames Dean, has went to work making his presence felt. Things like, being featured on the front page of "This is 50.com" for his guest appearance on the "Jay Star" mixtape hosted by Dj Whoo Kid, & being interviewed and featured on the "Super Star Jay Show" with Dj Super Star Jay are just some of the credits this independent artist has racked up after his 2010 UMA (underground music awards) nomination for "club banger of the year", under his old name "Nik Damez".

Most recently Dean made the top 25 list in the BMI (broadcast music inc.) Unsigned Writers competition & was ranked in the "top 5" for best hiphop artist on Staten Island by local promoter and blogger "Justin Harper" of www.harpito.com.

With a lot of work still ahead of him, Dames continues to show dedication, epic talent and a great passion for his music, coupled with a good knack for maneuvering and navigating himself flawlessly through the ruff business of hiphop in order get to the spot he feels he deserves at the top.