Da Messiah's Mafia

Da Messiah's Mafia

 Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
BandHip Hop

Bible over beats.GOD's finest,putting JESUS back in the holy hip hop game!!!East coast skill, west coast attitude,southern flavor,and GOD's anointing


Com'in out da Cak-a-lak (North Carolina) for
6yrs ministering through holy hip hop to get the youth interested in christ and reach the lost by any means necessary.By rapping or just verbal street
witnessing.By breaking tradition with love and compassion for the broken hearted,sick,down trodden,and the outcast( like JESUS ).

Mailing info: MESSIAH'S MAFIA
5129 Osage Circle
Charlotte NC 28269
Email: mmafia@holyhiphop.com
Phone: (704) 606-3143 (Fonzo)
(704) 840-7264 (Isayah)


Messiah's Mafia- We're Here Now
Hit single - Who U Ride Wit ?
Godfellaz C.A.R.T.E.L.- Hell's Most Wanted
Hit single - God Iz Real

Set List

1 set 4 or 5 songs (short snipits) about 10 mins. then about 5 mins. of witnessing.**If we're the main act it's a little longer with an alter call**